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  1. Its human nature to put other people down, especially when they never will have to deal with it. I have been called ugly infront of other people. And they just laugh and say it even louder so I can hear it. I just reason with it, they are with their friends and it happens. I just ignore them, and at the end of the day, I let it go. Don't worry, anytime they need help, I will always ignore them.
  2. "dirty! nasty! like really loud so everyone can hear. . I just ignored her and said to myself "ha ha ", "who cares so what everyone knows. (cognitive-behavioral therapy for the win) this one lady had to get up out of chair and said "jesus christ" told a coworker about my skin. I told myself who cares, I made you get off of your chair, haha. do what you want, took a deep breath calmed myself down and said so what! who cares what the say! I was walking down the hallway some girl said "a