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  1. Thanks for the advice. I did slow down my BP use a lot, and used it plenty behind the ear. I haven't seen any redness or anything else behind my ear so I assume i'm not allergic. Maybe I was putting on too much too fast. But today I noticed that under my eyes the skin is very dry, just like with the SA lotion. Maybe it is time to go back to that. But I like how the BP heals acne that I already have. Would it be too much to use both in moderation? I know it is generally recommended not to
  2. Hello all, My quick story: Had moderate acne most of my life (big acne bumps would appear but not too many of them, maybe 1 or 2 on my face at a time, but almost always there), tried all sorts of doctor prescriptions including BP gel which I had no side effects with but it did not help acne that much, finally did Accutane and acne disappeared except for the occasional small bump. Did not use any products after accutane until a face lotion I got had a small percentage of Sal. Acid in it. I us
  3. I have noticed that when I do high intensity cardiovascular activity, I have sharp chest pain near the area of my heart. I doubt this is my heart but I guess it could be possibly. I can't really tell if its my chest or heart. I have heard of chest pain before on accutane. I'm 5'10 1/2, 170, age 20 on have been Accutane for about a 1month and 3/4, started out with 40mg the first month, then 80 the second month. Should I worry? Has anyone else experienced this? If I tell this to my derm wi
  4. Well, I was on mino before I got accutane, but I just happened to stop it a week or two before I started accutane, on my own will, not knowing that it would help or anything. But my derm knew that I was on mino and did not tell me to wait at all, so for all my derm knew I went from one day taking mino to the next day taking accutane. I don't see why you would wait really.