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  1. I've been using proactiv plus for about a month now. So far it's been great! My acne is mild, no cysts of anything but it's never fully clear I always have some on my chin or cheeks. when I started my cheeks were starting to breakout pretty bad with some deep pimples. A month later they are gone and my acne scars on my cheeks are lightening. Right now my chin is breaking out (I can never seem to keep it clear) but I think it's because I'm on my period. My forehead always has little bumps and tho
  2. How old are you? From what I've read it seems like it's ony prescribed to older women. I don't have cysts but I do get the occassional deep pimple so I hope I'm allowed to go on it!
  3. So I have been in a funk ever since I started accutane. I have moments where I feel like I'm in a dream like state and it really freaks me out. I have been looking around on the Internet and I have found things about 'hormonal acne' and I for the description. I have found people who take a drug called spironactine(or something like that) have really found it helpful. I think I am going to talk to my derm about it tomorrow. Maybe in a couple months when I'm not feeling so weird I can try accutane
  4. Okay thanks for the help! I just didn't know if maybe it'd be okay every now and then to not but I guess ill just suck it up haha
  5. So sometimes my face just feels so dry and painful from washing my face. I use cetaphil normal to oily face wash and sometimes it really burns to use. Right now I'm washing my face twice a day. In the morning with cetaphil gentle wash then at night with the normal to oily stuff. Would I be okay to go some nights without washing my face? I hate sleeping in my makeup but I feel like washing it all the time isn't good for it. Anyone have some opinions? Will sleeping in my makeup like ruin my skin?
  6. Carlyyy15

    Day 25!

    You can't take any other medicine while on accutane! And oh boy I hope that doesn't happen to me! That sounds terrible. I'm just trying to stay positive!
  7. Carlyyy15

    Day 25!

    So I think for now ill stay on accutane. We shall see! Right now the left side of my face is sooo broken out. I'm really frustrated because my face looked better before I started than now. My forehead has completely cleared up of all the little bumps I used to have. My chin has also cleared up, I did have huge pimples like last week. My chest is also really broken out. I used to just have bumps but now it's like actual painful pimples and white heads. Ugh.
  8. Thanks a lot everyone! It helps a lot hearing from people who have been in my shoes with being scared. I really appreciate it all! I think I'm going to stay on it for now, and I sorta comfort myself with the thoughts that at any day I can decide to stop taking it if I really want too. Lets just hope these months go by quick! Thanks everyone
  9. So I've always been a super paranoid person and lately I cannot get these scary side effects out of my head. I'm really scared I'm going to like go crazy on this medicine. A girl at my work said her friend got hallucinations while on it and I am seriously so freaked out. I'm considering taking a break from the pills because I think I'm really scaring myself
  10. My face is so dry!!! I'm putting on moisturizer after moisturizer and it's not helping. Does anyone have any advice on how to help the dry flakes? If I put lotion on them it just kinda smears around on top. Should I buy a gentle exfoliatior? It's sooo hard to not pick at the flakes or scratch them. My chin is starting to break out really bad, which is also where I have the dry skin flakes. So that just looks lovely. The left left of my temple had tons of little bumps. My forehead has cleared
  11. So I'm starting to get a few more pimples and that's kind of annoying. All these side effects are really starting to scare me. This may be a little gross for some guys soo if you're a guy I suggest not reading on. My lady parts have been so dry lately, which I usually get dry before I start my period so that's not out of the normal. I looked thing a up online though to see if accutane has an effect on your vagina and sure enough there's girls complaining of being off accutane for a year and s
  12. That's what I was wondering too.. I've looked it up online and the only thing I can find is complaints about not getting their period, none like mine! And so far I'm not breaking out that bad. It's just like a normal break out for me, I think the worse part is how dry my skin is getting because its starting to get flakey.
  13. So yesterday marked two weeks on accutane! So far nothing too crazy has happened. One thing is weird though and I'd really like some thoughts on it. The second day I started accutane I was swimming and when I got out and went inside to go to the bathroom I was bleeding. I thought that was kinda weird. I bled the rest of the day like a normal period. It stopped for a couple days and I then forgot to take a birth control pill and the next day I started bleeding ( which always happens when I miss a
  14. Thank you that makes me feel better! It's just kinda freaky. Thank you, I hope everything is good for you also!
  15. I think my initial breakout is beginning. The right side if my face is clear but I'm getting a huge pimple on my chin, a big pimple above my lip, and I'm having a breakout around my left jaw. Also my forehead has little bumps all over and my chest is getting pimples. This sucks, and I know it's only going to get worse. My lips have been like the desert lately. I freak out if I don't have Chapstick with me. My boyfriend is really supportive about everything and makes me feel better about my b