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  1. 1) 5% maybe did it 3 times, spread months apart, did one over Thanksgiving still RED 2) Deep not acne related from botched excision of poc scar (2 stitches reopend) 3) me 4) 50% 5) Logan Skin care
  2. Here is what i have done 1 Subscision and N-lite proceedure (Dr. Rappaport) - 0% 3 Self TCA(50%) Cross Treatments - Maybe - 10 % I just have one area to treat more of a single scar revision, may fly to Dr. Y. and see what he can do.
  3. I had to call him because his site was down and wouldnt take orders. Nice guy took the order over the phone and got it within a week. I would settle down, after all it is acid being sent over seas.
  4. I think the worst mistake people are making is rushing into this with 100 percent tca and expecting miracles. If you look at some of the succesful stories from the members on the site one thing they had was patients when it came to this proceedure. I started 5 weeks ago with a conservate application of 50 percent. It does look like it improved the scar around the the bottom edge you can see its started to close. Next week i am going to go at just a little harder using 50 %. I have had this
  5. I am doing tca on one scar I have (long ice pick), and have noticed a thickening of the scar tissue inside the scar and a very slight closing in of the edges. I still have a long way to go being this is my first tca with 50% and its only been two weeks. I plan to be very patient with this treatment, spacing 5 weeks between each treatment and doing it as many times as it takes. My question is once its raised to its fullest potential what will the texture be like. I would gladly trade even or
  6. I applied 50% TCA sat night and avoid hitting that area with any soap, because i dont want to dry it out. I also apply a little neosporin each day so It wont dry out and prematurely flake off, and take Vitamine C . . . thats about it. This is a my first TCA Cross treatment and it has made my scar look better it looks like its even closing up around the sides and elevating. I dont want to be too optimistic because it is still in the healing faze and it could go back down.
  7. Thanks I didnt think so. The directions were just confusing.
  8. I just recieved my 50 percent and I am going to do a small cross test area. The only thing that is unclear is do you neutrilize it or just let it be. The directions that came with my tca were for a peel and they said to neutrilize for the peel. Is it different with a cross?
  9. A simple search in www.froogle.com will yield you any concentration you want.