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  1. Hey! I've been using CeraVe hydrating cleanser and moisturizer, as well as RetinA Micro (0.05%) for 10 months. I take Ortho-TriCyclen, too. However, I'm still experiencing breakouts. I thought it was just the RetinA purging the built-up oil from under my skin, which the first 3 months or so, I believe it was. I've had some weeks when my skin is clear, and others when it's a MESS. My skin has still been breaking out...and I just wonder when or if it will end. How long did you use RetinA?
  2. I can completely understand and relate to your frustration. I am in month 8 (week 33) and I've still had waves of break outs. However, I think they are more linked to female hormones and such, and less to the Retin A. Once I got to month 6/7 things REALLY started to improve. If you can and if it's working--stick with it. RetinA micro cleared out all of the clogged pores that I had deep under my skin & has made a HUGE difference in my overall skin clarity and condition.
  3. Hey! I know how you feel about hiding and not wanting people to see your skin. I have to admit, I stayed home the past couple of days mostly because I had major red marks on my face that I couldn't cover up. Please know that you're not alone. It almost makes me feel better when I'm at work and see that a coworker is dealing with acne too... I feel like there's someone else who get it. Who won't judge me for my skin. If you're able to power through and be strong, you may forget about how your
  4. I'm feeling fed-up with this acne regimen :/ I've been using it for over 7 months. While it has cleared out and purged my skin A TON, I'm still dealing with pores purging and because of it, frustrating red marks. I'm just so tired of breaking out and having to cover it up with concealer and powder... I'm praying that my face will heal and get better so that I can enjoy my weekend. Has anyone else been on Atralin or a topical retinoid for 7+ months?? I really, really could use advice!
  5. I had a couple of annoying small clogged pores that I messed with and my face is healing from them. There's two small pink marks on my skin. I have one more small pore on my left cheek that I tried to clear up, and probably should have just let it purge on its own. I'm trying to remember to be gentle with my skin. I'm not going to use Atralin tonight on the spots that are sensitive. Things are getting clearer each week, but my patience is definitely being tested. Say a prayer if you could, t
  6. Tomorrow marks 7 months of this regimen: Topical retinoid- Atralin brand (0.05%) a pea-size amount, applied once per night, 30 mins after applying moisturizer and letting it sink in to my skin. Also, I've been taking 75 mg of Spironolactone each morning, and one pill of Ortho Tri-Cyclen. My skin has been a rollercoaster of purging, healing, and then being clear. But I have to say that my face continues to improve, week by week. Some weeks are better than others, though. I've had my period more
  7. This week has been pretty good so far! I've had a few small pores purge--there's honestly not many left on my entire face that are clogged, which is amazing! I have one clogged pore on my right cheek that I'm hoping will purge and go away/ heal by tomorrow. Overall, I have a couple of small pink and red healing marks. My chin, cheeks, and face overall is SO much more clear than it ever has been. Praying that I can stay patient with this regimen and resist touching/ messing with my face! I
  8. this happened to me a LOT while using a topical retinoid. My skin had waves of getting very clear, and then breaking out (either near my period, or during other weeks). This is common when using a topical retinoid. Differin works with your skin as it goes through its monthly cycle of shedding skin cells and creating new ones. I'm at 6 months, and just the past few weeks, my skin has become more consistently clear every week, and not had the cycles.
  9. The right-side of my face is clear, but the left side of my face is still healing in a couple of places. There's one annoying spot on my left temple that won't seem to go away. Also, there's a red mark on my left cheek and one small on my chin. There's a small red mark on my forehead from what I think/ thought was a clogged pore. I can't really tell. All in all, this isn't too bad, especially since I currently have my period, and my skin usually goes nuts during it. I've been applying moi
  10. I've finished 23 full weeks on a topical retinoid, and I have just 7 days until I can say that I've been on this regimen for a full 6 months. I've been keeping up with my birth control (Ortho Tri-Cyclen), Topical Retinoid at night (Atralin 0.05%), and Spironolactone (75 mg in the AM). RIght now, I have a couple of small red marks on my right cheek/ jaw from pores purging, and one pore that purge on my right cheek bone today. I have one red mark on my chin from a pore that purged, but als
  11. If you read my last blog post, the past week has been a ROUGH one. Seriously-- I was incredibly down about my skin and for a few days, I didn't even leave my apartment. Trust me when I say that it was THAT bad. I had messed with and pushed/ picked at my skin while using a topical retinoid and literally layers of my skin on my right cheek peeled off. Disgusting--and so bad for my skin. After days of treating my skin more gently, eating healthy, and moisturizing like crazy, my skin is nearly
  12. I agree with the above. I use CeraVe cleanser and moisturizer. When I need a bunch of moisture without clogging pores, I use CeraVe in the tub. Also-- this regimen seriously takes so much time and forces out the gunk from your pores--on its own time. I realized that every time I had marks/ my skin looked bad, it's because I messed with it. And there have been SO many times while using a topical retinoid that I wish I had just not picked/touched it/ tried to force the clogged pore out. I'm in
  13. So I royally messed up my face the other day. I messed with 2 clogged pores on the right side of my face and made what wouldn't have been a bit deal at all, a total mess. My skin got irritated and then ripped and peeled. UGH. It was terrible. Slowly, my skin on my right cheek is healing, and I also have a red mark on my left cheek from a clogged pore there. My skin is really, really sensitive still, which I forgot. I'm applying moisturizer like crazy, but for the past 2 nights I have N
  14. I need to learn my lesson and 1- stop pressing/ picking at zits, esp while using Retin A and 2- not over-apply Retin A to my skin I have a HUGE dark red mark/ spot of peeling skin on my right cheek, smack dab in the middle and a red mark on my lower right cheek/jaw I've drank a ton of water, taken two multi-vitamins, drank green tea, applied a green tea bag to the red mark area, and then applied CeraVe moisturizer and Neosporin to the red mark. Please pray that it heals tonigh
  15. I messed with a clogged pore on my face and applied Retin A to the area, which made my skin red and sensitive. I'm hoping that by icing it, and applying a lot of moisturizer and CeraVe cream, my skin will be able to repair itself and look normal by tomorrow!