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  1. PMM1110

    Just Need To Vent.

    You got this girl!
  2. PMM1110

    Day 16

    I officially start the 24th....counting down the days and definitely have that nervous/excited feeling. More nervous, to be completely honest. Ready to crush this mess! Welp, keep us updated and can't wait to hear about your progress!
  3. PMM1110

    Day 16

    Hey girl! Just wanted to say to keep your head up Every single day you are closer than yesterday to having clear/beautiful skin! Just think...by Christmas and New Years time you will be done or just about done with this stuff! Soon you won't have to worry about makeup, covering up and checking yourself in mirrors. All your insecurities about your skin will be long gone. You are kicking butt girl
  4. PMM1110

    Day 3

    Best of luck on your journey!!! I hopefully start mine mid July!
  5. Hellooo! I received the best news this week. I finally got the, "ok," to start the generic form of Accutane! I never thought that I would ever hear those words! Acne runs in my family unfortunately. My mother was treated on Accutane twice. The 2nd round was very successful for her. My brother was successfully treated on Accutane as well. And man oh man is his skin beautiful. A lot of my cousins have been treated as well. I do not fall under the category of having severe acne, unlike w