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  1. So I've had this huge cyst since monday, and the spot is still raised and dry and bumpy It had scabbed a little, and i STUPIDLY thought gently exfoliating my face would make it better, but i knocked the scab off. The spot itself is red and raw, and the skin surrounding it is red and brown, and I'm worried it looks like post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation Will it terribly scar? Will the dark mark go away? I have put some palmers cocoa butter with vitamin E on it, and a little bit
  2. I've had this cyst since monday under my nose , and on tuesday night after leaving vicks vapour rub and doing on hot compresses on it, i thought i saw a head, and popped it, but only a little bit of pus came out. I could still feel loads of pus underneath as it was still hard. The next day, it was really large, dry and red, and its still like that today I can't cover it with makeup, and its so noticeable and I can't leave the house I have been using sudocrem on it, and its supposedly g
  3. its gotten brown since I last posted, and its so dark i cant cover it with make up, i have left sudocrem on it all day
  4. Hi, I have had a cystic spot since monday, and I have been using tea tree oil (which burned my skin) sudocrem, hydrocortisone, hot compresses I think i burned my skin with the hot compresses, because now i am left with the skin peeling around the edges, and I have a huge red lump on my face I am so self concious and this has taken a huge knock on my confidence. How long will it take for this to go away? And do I just keep using sudocrem? I want it to be less red and angry looking by this