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  1. Day 12: - I no longer have oily skin! If you put sunscreen then moisturiser on immediately after each other it looks like your skin is very shiny and oily so there should be a time delay - Had a breakout a few days ago with an increase in number of pimples which must have been the initial breakout which really wasn't that bad - Skin has a different texture to it but i can feel all the blackheads on my nose like popping out Side Effects: - last few days i have been quite sick but everyon
  2. Day 5: - Skin in much smoother and looks clearer already - If i get a pimple it is gone the next day/no pimples on face currently - still have oily skin
  3. Once you stop taking the drug birth defects are no longer a side effect so you should be set. But dont take my word on it call a professional.
  4. Good luck to you to man. At such a low dose, at least 8-9 months . This is due to me being in my final year at school and i do not want any severe headaches or side effects which will damage my chances of doing as well as i want to. 6/8/2014 Nothing much to report. Side effects- mild headache and nausea for around 2-3 hours
  5. Began Accutane 5/8/2014 @ 20-40 mg p/day - mild/moderate acne on forehead, chin, middle cheeks, blackheads on nose - oily t-zone - Rosacea and hyperpigmentation I am currently in Basketball season and play almost everyday along with lifting heavy 2-3 times a week whenever i can fit it in. Currently i experience mild elbow tendonitis and knee pain which i will monitor to see if it gets worse throughout the treatment. I am trying to document any joint pain i receive while taking this drug
  6. August 2nd Oh lawd this is horrible, pimples all along forehead, right side of chin is covered, above lips, nose - due to stopping minomycin for about 1 week definatley getting prescribed accutane just worried about headaches and aches
  7. July 27th Stopped minomycin - derm appointment 1 week 5thugust - once stopped minomycin pimples increased dramatically spots on forehead massive breakout there and pimples on chin -
  8. You should definitely try other means before this such as retinoids/BP/topical antibiotics diet changes Accutane can have permanent side effects and it is not a guarantee I have had acne for 5 years and tried quite a few things e.g. Proactive, BP, salycilic acid, AHA, before going to a derm and was on 5 months of Minomycin + Eyracne + Differin which has not helped to much so the next step was accutane which the derm suggested as a first option when i first went to him. I think the benefi
  9. July 20th - pimples popping up everwhere, cheeks, nose, chin - pimples that havent come to a head yet on forehead - using original regimen - want to get rid of acne forever defenatley asking for accutane next derm appointment. I am sure benefits will outweigh the side effects which will probebly not be too bad with me
  10. You mentioned your acne only mild-moderate, i only have a few spots with very oily skin and some fading red marks on my cheeks. Do you think it is worth taking accutane? My derm mentioned that he would put me on it but i had some reservations about the side effects and if my acne was bad enough to take it.
  11. July 10th - looking the worst i have since i began this treatment - pimples on nose, red marks on cheeks, chin, forehead - seems to have stopped working altoghether
  12. July 7 - pimples appear regularly now - red marks not fading - cheeks, chin, and nose main targets - forehead has raised red marks within a head - accutane
  13. same with me, i walked in, had mostly red marks with few spots and he said "i can see that you have been struggling with acne for awhile, i suggest you take roraccutane" without me even saying anything.
  14. June 25 - stopped miniomycin for 1 day and broke out along chin - oiliness seems to have reduced but may be due to the cold weather - don't feel like any improvment has been made in my skin
  15. I am very into high intensity physical activity such as Basketball, weight lifting, and heavy plyometrics, and i was wondering if being on Accutane will reduce my performance in any way. Thanks