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  1. Has it been different from before accutane, a lot of people say they get a thicker greasy oil.
  2. Hi Just wondering what your skin was like after accutane? Did it go back to being dry or oily, or did it become normal? Thanks
  3. That's scary. Going to call on Monday, I'll keep you updated, hopefully nothing too serious!
  4. Yes, derm has said everything is fine, have had two blood tests already. Mum said she will phone the derm and see if we can get an appointment to talk about it. Hopefully everything is okay, also hope that we can get an appointment soon Because it's difficult to get one at this time of year
  5. Hi there Well I started Roaccutane 3/4 months ago, first two on 20mg last 3 to be 40mg. I haven't had my period since starting the treatment, and I also opted out of the pregnancy protection programme meaning I don't take birth control (due to my young age, I'm only 14 and my mum advised me not to, also I'm not sexually active either). I was reading online and came across a forum where at least 300 people were infertile and all had taken accutane. My derm didn't warn me of this and it is not
  6. Hi everyone I am on my third month (almost fourth) of Roaccutane and my skin is dry. I have dry patches on my nose, cheeks and jaws (I also have dry patches all over my arms). I was on 20mg for the first two months but now for the last 3 I am on 40mg. The first two months were okay using my Clinique anti blemish solutions as the dryness was nothing major, but now it's getting flaky I bought the laura mercier silk creme foundation today which is working really well and doesn't cling to the dry
  7. Hi I started tetralysal 300mg and differin 0.1% today. Ill keep you updated on my progress!!