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  1. Thank you! just kinda nervous ill break out a lot after im off for a couple months! but, just gotta stay positive so i dont stress over it! because that wont help any. Lol. Hope your course is going well! Yeah Im the same way hopefully were done with this! But my course is going ok. Still get a breakout here and there but its 99 percent better. yeah I still am getting a couple on my shoulders, i thought id be completely clear by now! but, it is definitely way better than it use to be, so v
  2. Thank you! just kinda nervous ill break out a lot after im off for a couple months! but, just gotta stay positive so i dont stress over it! because that wont help any. Lol. Hope your course is going well!
  3. Yes i think that's what it is! The dryness definitely doesn't help with that, but just wondering if anyone else had experienced it while on Accutane! I am on my last month, so glad!
  4. does anyone get random red blotches on their arms or hands while their on Accutane? like when they get hot or something?
  5. Well the last two weeks my neck area has been breaking out really bad but my face is clearing really good. I think its starting to clear up now though. Hopefully by next week Ill see good improvement. im sorry to hear about your neck! but that is so great that your face is clearing up really well! i think you will definitely see good improvement by next week! i am currently on my 4th month of accutane and i am pretty clear except for some breakouts on my chest and shoulders. and i am hoping to
  6. how is your skin doing now? hopefully much better!
  7. good luck on your second round! at least you know it is working since you are getting the initial breakout!
  8. aw im sorry to hear that! have you started or are going to take anything for your breakouts now? i have seen that a lot of people have to do a 2nd course of accutane.. i am so glad to hear that it was clear for you for that long tho! that is awesome! no matter what keep your head up like i am sure you do! i know how it is having it so i understand how frustrating it can be but i hope that you find something that will work for your skin again! wow, yeah i have never heard of spiro til hearin
  9. I have heard that many people get a breakout within a year or so! and a lot that are clear for many years! just depends on the person i guess cause we are all different! but sorry to hear it came back, but am so glad that you found something to clear it up. what is spiro? i dont think i have ever heard of that! wow that is so great that you dont get it on your back or chest anymore! that is where i get most of my acne. and that is good that is has lessened the acne! sounds a hole lot better t
  10. thank so much! thank you so much for the links! that helped me out tremendously! haha because you've been on it that long and its went by fast? me too! if thats what you were shocked about saying! lol. yes i am totally amazed at how good accutane has worked for my acne! blessed to have found out about it for sure! thanks for the encouragement! and i can see from your picture that you must be a harry potter fan? those are some great movies! okay just glad that it doesnt mean anything
  11. kk! my bad did not notice there was a specific place for this, kinda new to all of this!
  12. okay well that kinda makes sense in a way! hopefully that's what is going on! thank you!
  13. it shouldn't effect on your workouts! i workout, not like hardcore right now lol. but i do workout and it hasnt really changed anything for me! i get some bad lower back pain sometimes, but that was at the beginning. now, i cant ever notice any unusual or bad pains! it is different for everyone, but that is my experience right now with it!
  14. I have been taking Accutane for about 3 and a half months now. is it normal to still be having some stuff pop up here and there when your this far into taking it? im guessing it is probably different for everyone! but just wanted to see if i could get some feedback on someone who has taken it and when they started clearing up really well! oh, and i havent had a pimple on my face in like a month. but i am still getting them on my shoulders and chest.