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  1. Hey guys! It is my 13th week on the regimen, and I am 98% clear! I still get a pimple every few days, and I still have some blackheads, but I am hoping that over time, I will just get the random pimple here or there and that be it! Anyway, I have been using AHA for quite some time now, and although my red marks have faded a bunch, I am really starting to get impatient! I haven't been wearing any face makeup for the last couple of weeks, and although I don't feel horrible without it, I know I wou
  2. I was also wondering... if I mixed the two, say a dime size of the Simple Replenishing, and a dime size of the Aveeno, I wonder if maybe the fragrance would be dilluted in the aveeno, and the lactic acid dilluted in the Simple? Or is that not possible... I have a feeling this might be a dumb question...
  3. Hey guys! This is kind of lengthy, but I would appreciate it if you could help me out! I am currently on week 11 of the regimen, and things are going really good! I have cleared about 99%! I am still getting about 1 small pimple every other day, and to be honest, if I could get rid of all the scarring that is leftover, I could deal with that, but I do hope and pray that I can get completely clear and just have to deal with occasional pimple here and there! Anyway, I am rambling... The moisturize
  4. Hello! So I have been on the regimen for about 7.5 weeks now, and my face has definitely improved! Right now the biggest thing I am struggling with are the marks leftover from previous acne. I have added in AHA though, so hopefully that will help. I am still getting about 1 new bump a day. Most of them are small and either go away in a couple days, or are easily removed. Two days ago I did have a very large bump that came up out of nowhere, in the matter of like 30 minutes, but I was able to "ge
  5. Hello! I jusy wanted to share something that I have recently discovered that helps tremendously with dry flakey skin and makeup! I put on loads of moisturizer before I actually apply my makeup. Once I have applied everything, I have a little 2 oz spray bottle that I have my mixture in, and it consists of about 1 tablespoon or so of of glycerin, a few drops of my facial moisturizer, and fill the rest up with water. I spray my face generously with this. I t does look kind of wet at first, but once
  6. BUMP Just wanting to get all the advice I can So I ended up just spot treating last night and this morning OVER my moisturizer. My face is still dry, but definitely not as bad. I didn't use my cetaphil moisturizer, went back to the Simple one, and I didn't have any new breakouts this morning, just the ones that are healing from yesterday and the day before, so I definitely think that might have been the cause. Maybe when I get completely clear and have been for awhile, I will add it back i
  7. Thanks for the encouragement guys!!! It really helps! The thing that concerned me about the cetaphil moisturizer is that it has oil in it... I know it is a no no, but I have used some non oil free stuff in the past, and I don't think it made my acne worse... but when you normally get new breakouts everyday, it is really hard to tell. I am thinking that what i might do, is skip tonight and in the morning, maybe just spot treat the active acne tonight, and then starting tomorrow night just applyin
  8. Hey guys! I am currently on my 4th week of the DKR. I have noticed significant clearing, but I am still breaking out. The worst thing right now is the dryness. My face is so dry it hurts and it is flakey, and my neck is horrible. I only moisturize my neck, but I guess the BP must migrate down, because it is sooo dry, cracked, red, and itchy. I started adding in Glycolic Acid every few nights in place of my moisturizer. I haven't been doing it long, but I haven't really noticed a decrease in the
  9. Hey guys! I started the regimen about a week and a half ago, and I have seen a good bit of an improvement already. I thought I was going to get by without getting dry and flakey, but I noticed this morning that my foundation was starting to look a little dry around my nose and chin. I plan to stop wearing makeup as much as soon as I can, but until I feel comfortable without it, I plan to keep wearing it. I tried jojoba oil last year, and it caused me to get about 3 cysts... Now, if I recall corr
  10. Hey guys! So I have been using the cerave sa moisturizer for awhile now, I've been through 3 bottles. I have slowly but I think surely gotten my moderate to severe acne somewhat more controlled, but the biggest problem I am having right now are these little whitish skin colored bumps that are on my forehead and a good portion of my chin and cheeks. When I don't have makeup on, they aren't really visible, but I can feel them if I run my hand across where they are. When I put makeup on, they look
  11. Ringworm maybe??? Not sure if ringworm is generally pussy and "pops" but from the picture, that is kinda what it looks like.