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  1. I'm soooooo glad you mentioned this, I've been posting this article all over the forum because it helped me sooo much. I use the Neutrogena Clear Pore Treatment that she recommends, and my skin is almost completely clear after 3 weeks...seriously read it. ←
  2. Hi, Yes that is exactly right and that is where I'm coming from. However, is 'Retinol' affected in the same way as Retin-A? I can't find any information on it. Dermpro seems to be suggesting they CAN be used together? ←
  3. Interesting article. The first thing that you notice is that she has no medical or dermatological training. This is obvious because she does not know what milia are, nor does she have any knowledge at all of trichostasis spinulosa (of course, just the lack of MD, DO, PA-C, or RNP next to her name should be a big tip-off). The second thing you notice is the great abundance of bad information. It is obvious that she is trying to sell her products, and feels the need to give poor/misleading in
  4. Here's a really great article on blackheads by Paula Begoun, who really knows her stuff: http://www.cosmeticscop.com/learn/article....EFER=SKIN&ID=71 Hope it helps! Cashmira
  5. By the time I was near the end of my treatment and my skin was "used to it", I was only moisturising where my skin was dry and needed the moisturiser. I was also able to use a lighter-weight moisturiser than at first. I follow Paula Begoun's advice on moisturisers (see the link in my sig.) Cashmira
  6. Here is what Paula Begoun says in her excellent article on fighting acne at http://www.cosmeticscop.com/learn/article....REFER=SKIN&ID=6 (her info is absolutely top-notch): "Benzoyl peroxide negates the effectiveness of most retinoids (i.e., Retin-A, Tazorac) and therefore cannot be used at the same time. To get both benefits, you can use benzoyl peroxide in the morning and the retinoid in the evening. However, Differin (adapalene) has been shown to remain stable and effective when used wi
  7. I don't "break out" from waxing -- I get ingrown hairs. I can't wax anywhere on my body! In order to shave my legs, I have to use a pumice to exfoliate in order to avoid the ingrown hairs (sigh)...I've been at this for decades and found that this is the ONLY thing that works. So, it may not be pimples that people are getting, but ingrown hairs. Cashmira
  8. I'm in my early 40's...mine's been hormonal, and I FINALLY just got put on Accutane! It's worked better than anything ever has. Go for it. Cashmira