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  1. I have been off of accutane since 1999. till this day i have severe IBS. (iritable bowel syndrome) sometimes i do not go to the bathroom for a week. I just saw a commercial for a law office that deals with accutane and ibs sufferers. does any one else here have these same symptoms after accutane.
  2. The bottom line is just don't stuff your face , barely chewing and than take a drink in between. i don't think you have to be that crazy about it . take your pill normaly and wait a couple minutes to eat. Oh yeah and eat a lot of vegies because they have a lot of enzymes that help break down food. So does yogurt.
  3. i Have been on these boards for a couple years now. when i first started here i was getting huge cysts in my chin and mouth area, the rest of my skin was ok. i went pretty much crazy on these no sugar no carb diets for about 5 months and the problem was not going away. i finally came to the realization that this re occuring cyst were due to a digestion problem. At the time i was drinking a ton of water every day, with every meal. i think this was my main problem. I finally stop drinking anything
  4. Actually , for those with dry skin it is best to not wash your face every day. Your skin needs all the oils it creates
  5. I have used them in the past. as well as other family members. The fact is that they take sooo long to "Balance" you out that it does not justify drinking the most god awfull tea twice a day. and it is big bucks. So i say , they are pretty much out to make a buck just like our good old Western Pharmi companies
  6. Don't you get my point.. the cocaine was to be a little sarcastic..but the point is that not one person on here knows what causes acne, yet many people post pretty convincing arguments that something has cured or helped them a lot. So seeing that all people are different. This can drive you crazy. I bet i can find something on the internet that says soda can make you loose weight,,,, just have common sense i mean . thats all
  7. Yeah so it's been a while since i posted here. Why..Just for the simple fact that this site can make people live in misery. There is a lot of Mis information on this site. There is also a lot of good info as well. but weeding out the good and bad will make you go simply crazy trying different products every week. I remember a year ago that I used to come here often and read that some one has tried something and it worked. next i would try. i was taking all these vitamins. eating "healthy". I eve
  8. Why Do women get acne if they don't ejaculate nearly as much as men???????????? Explain that
  9. I think what he meant was..calm the F... Down. Your face is not the Axis of the universe. It's pretty sad that a lot of peoples hobbies on this site have to do with thier skin.. think about it read a comic book, or go take a bike ride. \ eat dog shit for all i care, it's better than crying in front of a mirror
  10. This is by far the dumbest theory i've ever heard..................... Obviosly people with acne masturbate It's the best thing to do when you're alone
  11. First off. if you never had acne than why are you here? and secondly you have no idea waht having acne is like. Yes you have those scars. You know you have them and they wont go away. But you don't have to watch every little thing you do in fear of getting more scars do you? Acne , at the least is very frustrating, just when you think things are on the up and up....bam. And thats how it goes my friend.
  12. Crown Heights Brooklyn here (thats NY). i see all shapes
  13. sweating is actually good for you, and so is sun. don't believe all these peoples ho hum. the sun has been around much longer than sunscreen was invented, yet skin cancer is pretty new. i love me a sweaty girl anyways
  14. I have lived here all my life and I see people come and go. i love sitting at the bar with old "wierd guys and talking to them. my friends think i'm fuckin nuts. sometimes i bring this dude brian around he's like 50 and looks like a guitar metal god. i love this guy , his friends are so fucked up. they are all war vets and shit. Now tell me why the hell might i want to go sit next to that chick that is all " sex in the city" I would rather watch Brian stick his finger in her Sour apple Martini