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  1. @ElaineA I would say it is not the skin mites as I eat a very clean diet which keeps my immune system very strong, but I will ask my doctor to check this! Within regards to the medication I try and stay as natural as possible as accutane really messed my body up(been on it 4 different times for 8 months a time). @jlcampi So I have completely changed my diet up so that my insulin levels arent spiking as much. I always thought that your skin would be effected 3-4 days after something you eat
  2. So an update on your advice. I cut out literally everything I could think of that may cause acne. I cut out all flour, all fruit, eggs, all white rice and noodles, all starchy vegetables, all dairy, all nuts and seeds. My acne has gotten a lot better. But im still breaking out in super sore ones. I went from having about 15-20 on my face to 5-10. What Ive eaten the last 2 weeks everyday. Breakfast - Quinoa with vegan protein powder, almond milk unsweetened, cinnamon Lunch-
  3. Okay so I think I have figured it completely out. My neck / jawline breaks out from fruits. I had cut out all fruit but continued to get it a moderate amount. I was then thinking and realized I was still eating tomato based sauces! I completely cut those out and now my neck acne is 95% gone after a week. My chin / cheekbone acne comes from high glycemic foods and dairy (mostly cheese as its all I eat from dairy). This really sucks to not be able to eat fruits as th
  4. Update: Decided to try out strawberries for a few days as I heard they were very low in sugar. I want to be able to eat fruit even if its a little bit, but just no luck at all. Started breakout around 24 hours later, and accumulated about 8-10 new sore pimples 48 hours later. Still on all my supplements but it seems the fruit pushes through. Any advice welcome!
  5. That sounds amazing! I will definitely give it a try tonight. Do you apply the differin to your whole face or just breakouts? I have never had luck with any sort of topical treatment, but always willing to check them out as long as there are no harsh chemicals. The struggle is real my man, trying to gain while prone to acne is legit depressing aha. Just gotta keep testing different things out and find whats right for your body. For me meat dosent break me out at all, but I follow
  6. That was at its worse. I have tried having just berries and I still break out. I eventually cleared up about 95% and decided to try adding just an apple a day, and unfortunately the breakouts on my jaw line / neck started happening again. As much as I would love to add fruit back into my diet, I cannot :(. If anyone has any other thoughts / ideas please post below ! Appreciate all of your comments.
  7. Hello @Aguacatediet, Unfortunately for me, as I am 6'4 and 170 lbs, I find eating a low carb diet extremely hard. I am currently trying to gain weight, so that is where the problem lies. I definitely stick to my healthy carbs like chickpea noodles, brown basmati rice and if I have bread make sure its whole wheat. Everything you seem to be doing sounds spot on and I am super happy for your results Thanks for the reply!
  8. Yes, I was super surprised as well, it took me so long to figure out because I truly thought that if it was healthy it wouldn't effect my skin. I was eating a lot of bananas and berries. I was having a smoothie everyday with mixed berries and 2 bananas. I cut out bananas but it still was coming, so I ended up just cutting all fruit. I tried adding in an apple everyday, but it started breaking me out as well. It is super frustrating because I love to eat fruit as its healthy. It seems almost all
  9. Update. I stopped eating fruit completely for around 6 months. My acne has went down about 80%. I am still getting a few big pimples a week on my neck / jawline. I have been sticking to a low glycogen index diet. It is very hard while trying to gain weight. I also went to a natural path. She recommended going on a high dosage of zinc, probiotic, and vitamin D which I was already doing. I just increased the doses a bit. Still no change. If anyone has any other ideas or t
  10. My doctor made it seem as that was impossible. I got blood tests for literally everything else and they were all normal. Agreed, its the reason why it took me so long to figure out it was fruit, literally years. I think its sugar in general, natural or refined. When I have high sugar things I seem to notice break outs way more. Although I've tried eating just berries which are low in sugar and they still break me out. No idea aha
  11. Making this long story short: I've been getting acne since around the age of 19 severely. After being on accutane for the forth 8 month period I decided to not go on it again. I completely changed my diet into eating vegan for 8 months, still getting acne, I went back to normal eating. My acne flared worse than ever over the past year, so I decided I was going to do anything I could to get rid of it. I slowly started removing things from my diet, starting with white flour products an
  12. I was thinking one day, I have cut absolutely everything out to the point where I was only having smoothies 3 times a day and was breaking out worse then ever. I then realized the one thing I never completely cut out was fruits( although I cut out the high sugar ones like bananas). So I tried cutting them out and my acne disappeared in a week. I have one new pimple on my face and I think that it was caused from taking a b12 pill yesterday. Other then that my face has completely started to clear
  13. The winter has come and I would say at this point the only thing that has actively helped my face is the sun. I have tried everything above. I also completely switched my diet over. I am now eating / taking: Apple Cider Vinegar - 2x 1tbs daily Turmeric pills - 2x 1000 mg daily Probiotic- 10 billion IU daily on an empty stomache 3L of water a day One green tea a day Juicing- Beet, celery, turmeric, ginger root, carrot, avocado, onion, garlic, radish. on an
  14. Little update. I started taking Vitamin E 400 UI and Fish oil 2g of EPA/dHa per day. I also went to a music festival and couldn't wash my face for 4 days and surprising it cleared it up. So I figured maybe I would try not washing my face. One of those three combinations has cleared my acne up about 75%. When I came home I washed my face ( I also hadn't had fish oil or vitamin E in about 4 days) and I woke up with 6 new pimples. I am now eating whatever I want and haven't broken out super bad fro
  15. Yeah, honestly I am sure for some people that refined sugar may cause it, I'm just not sure if that type of person is me. That YouTube comparison seems very flawed haha. I haven't lost any weight, as I am keeping my calorie levels at the same ( Just eating 1000x more good food to get the same cals and making 3 smoothies a day). Within health benefits, I pretty much feel good at all times so for me it hasn't felt as if its changed much. I would say since I started having the three smoothies a