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  1. Yea people have different experiences with different products, so I understand. I just had my 3rd dermatologist appointment after finishing my 2nd month. I'm going to start taking 80mg a day rather than 70mg. I haven't had any particular flares in the past few days because I've been really watching my diet, and I'm feeling pretty good. I hope by the end of month three I can start to see some real improvement as far as the marks on my cheeks and chin go. I used to pick at my chin so the red and b
  2. As a side note, a red ring has developed around the area where last night's pimple was. A red, raised ring. It looks like ringworm. No idea where it came from... I'm so cheesed off though, having to deal with this AND facial eczema AND constant cysts is going to be a major pain in the butt. These two are the sunscreen/moisturizer combos that have been successful for me, though personally I prefer chemical sunscreens: Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture SPF 35 http://www.walmart.com/ip/Neutr
  3. Hey I'm about to finish up my second month. Since the start of accutane, my skin has stopped being super oily and it looks more civilized. I'm still getting whiteheads here and there, but they are much much smaller and go away quicker than they used to. I attribute the acne I do get to my diet. I've been trying to keep a lower-sugar, low-dairy, low-glycemic diet, but it can be difficult when there isn't anything healthy to eat around. I just learned that the granola I've been eating for the past
  4. I'm in my 2nd month of Accutane and the cysts are getting smaller and less frequent, but I am left with the red marks where the acne was. Does Accutane help get rid of those red spots? How long will they take to fade?
  5. Are gel moisturizers better than lotion moisturizers for oily skin?
  6. This one looked interesting: http://www.olay.com/skin-care-products/complete/Olay-Complete-all-day-UV-moisturizer-combination-oily?pid=07560900034 Dan recommends the sensitive version of this. I think I'll try this combination-oily version. Wondering if I should add jojoba oil...
  7. My skin is super oily, either due to the Clidamycin lotion I was prescribed or some of the products I've been using. I'm looking for all non-comedogenic products that are specific to oily skin.
  8. Anyone know of a good SPF Moisturizer I can use in the morning that is made for oily skin?
  9. I've been using the following products for 1 month based on the recommendations of my first dermatologist visit: Cefuroxime Axetil (Ceftin) 500mg pills - 2x day Cerave Foaming Cleanser - 2x day Benzyol Peroxide 5% Wash - 1x day (use and wash off in shower) Clindamycin Face lotion - 2x day (leave on) Cerave Moisturizer - 2x day My cystic acne has cleared up a little bit after 1 month. He said it would be 60-80% gone after 2-3 months. Now I am left with the following red marks on my ch
  10. I'll take a look into that. All my products are noncomedogenic. I only use BP as a wash.
  11. So I recently got on Ceftin and Clindamycine (prescribed by a Dermatologist) and I've mostly stopped getting the cysts I used to get. Now that I'm out of what was probably this biggest break out I've ever had, I'm left to deal with the red expanding of blood vessels under my cheeks known as Erythema. Does anyone know how long it will take to go away? I'm an 18 year old caucasian male. Are there any non-comedogenic treatment options worth exploring? Or should it go away soon by itself?
  12. And will I have to use new products for several days to see the effects or should I use it once and just see how it looks?
  13. I see. I suppose I'll try a few different ones. Or perhaps I could leave on the BPo instead of using it as a shower wash. The BP could dry out my skin a bit more, and the directions say I can leave it on at night. Also could my cleanser effect how oily my skin is?