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  1. Thank you! I just sent you a photo of my scars. The one on my chin is very deep and is what I'm really self-conscious about. Hopefully, a couple more subcision + suction helps!
  2. Thank you for your concern. I appreciate it. Hopefully, I do not have any complications in the future. Just a question --- would it be safe for me to do subcision + suction roughly six months after cooltouch + subcision + sculptra?
  3. Thank you very much! I looked into it before getting Sculptra injected and it seems a lot of doctors with years of Sculptra experience have never had problems with keloid-prone patient. They would defer injecting it on patients that form deforming keloids but I'm guessing not mine as they appear to be more hypertrophic than keloidal. Dr. David Lim also seems to agree so I'll just have my fingers crossed on this one! https://www.realself.com/question/new-york-ny-sculptra-keloid-scarring-people
  4. Gotcha! Thank you! My doctor actually doesn't like TCA cross so I won't be having it done by him, if ever. I'll have it done by another doctor. Last question, so i'm planning to do TCA cross 3 times for the next 6 months with steroid injections for hypertrophic scars (2 months in between) and then after, another round of just subcision or would subcision with sculptra be better? Anyway, does that sound like a good plan?
  5. Ohh, I see! I didn't know that. My first subcision with sculptra was 5 months before my second one so I should be great on that end. My surgeon never told me about any time limitations in between subcisions after sculptra. How long before I am able to do RF microneedling? My surgeon doesn't advise it because I have hypertrophic/keloidal tendencies. Really?? Yeah, he performed them on the same day. He didn't really recommend it but when I brought up possibly doing subcision again, he didn
  6. Hello everyone! I've had subcision + sculptra + cooltouch laser twice before (I just got my 2nd one a 6 days ago). I intend to get another scar treatment four weeks and I'm not sure what procedure to undergo. Please note, I still have one big lump and two small lumps on the subcised area. I am also using tazorac for acne & collagen renewal. Option A: Just subcision. I'm really leaning towards this since it's cheaper Option B: Get subcision + sculptra again Option C: TCA Cross for I
  7. Always make sure that there is someone in the room to document the subcision to make sure you are actually getting the treatment you paid for!
  8. I've been on spiro for almost one year now (currently at 11 months!) and I'm still breaking out. I'm basically 90% clear and I completely understand what you feel. It's so frustrating to still be dealing with acne after trying what feels like everything. Hang in there!
  9. I know what you mean and I can completely empathize. If you look at my blog, you can see how horrible my skin was and what my mindset was throughout all of it. What helped me a lot was to avoid looking at the mirror and to surround myself with people who love you regardless. Try to go out with people who can make you forget you have acne. It helped me through my horrid skin.
  10. You're not a phony. You're probably just not comfortable or well accustomed to the idea of talking about your skin at all, and that's okay. Start by being comfortable of talking about it with someone you trust first. Then slowly open up to your coworkers. Use "How are yous" to start conversations about your skin. The kind of conversations I have when my skin was at its worst run along this vein (usually in the rest room): Me: Good morning! Coworker: Good morning! How are you? Me: I'm d
  11. Me too - it's definitely not to invoke pity! I talk about my skin mostly to vent (depending on my relationship with you - if it's casual, I talk about my skin jokingly but if we're close, I talk about it in a more matter of fact way) and to get the elephant out of the room. Plus, just bringing up something personal fosters a sense of trust and the people I share my feelings with tend to do the same because a bond is formed. I feel like for most of us acne sufferers, our skin has eaten up
  12. Yea, I came across this study before. My only caveat would be I'm applying tretinoin WITHOUT Iontophoresis. I actually have no idea how to acquire that too.
  13. Yea, my doctor said tretinoin is wonderful for scarring. She even wants me to shift to tazorac in three months because it is a better scar cream than tretinoin. When all else fails, I think she wants me to undergo microneedling and I'll bring up subcision.