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  1. Day 21! Lips and around mouth so dry! need to keep fully moisturised.. at all times. Still have a few new spots. Despite this my skin texture and look has improved. Make-up can sometimes make your skin look drier. I have to wear make-up though as my skin has become quite red and raw looking without makeup.
  2. 2 weeks done! delighted!! Anyone have any advice on what to do with the dry skin on your face? Leave it or peal it off? Skin is dry all around body now.. especially lips!
  3. Hi everyone, I'm a 16 year old and have recently been prescribed Roaccutane. I have decided to keep a diary of my progress for people who aren't sure whether or not Roaccutane is for them. Personally I was looking forward to going on the drug. I was so sick of my skin as I have had ongoing spots since I was 12/13, but my skin got really bad since last year. Previously I had tried every product known to get rid of spots but none of them worked. I was using a skincare salicylic acid wash given