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  1. Hey guys, Does anyone else hate going to the hairdressers because your hair always ends up touching your face? Today my hairdresser put product in my hair and then put my hair in my face to cut layers. After he finished cutting my hair I went to the bathroom to wipe my face with wet towelettes and I hope that wiped away all the oily product. I am super paranoid now that my streak of decent skin is over! How long does something have to be on your face for it to break you out? Does going for
  2. Thanks for responding! I used to think that but after all this I think the natural growth hormones that are found in eggs may have had an effect on my hormones.
  3. So, around January until March I ate several eggs a day (anywhere from 1-4 depending on the day). I noticed that my acne started to increase on my chin and I was getting way more whiteheads than usual. So around the end of March I stopped. Once I stopped, the acne slowed down a lot, but I noticed that now I get more acne on my chin than I did before all of this. I am wondering how long it usually takes for hormones to level out after cutting out something that breaks you out.
  4. Hello everyone, I am trying to choose a vitamin d3 supplement because I suspect I am deficient, as I am rarely in the sun during the winter (I live in Canada) and my skin is significantly better in the summer. However, I want to find a liquid vitamin d3 source that has very little extra ingredients. I found one by the brand Ddrops that contains only vitamin d3 and "thin vegetable oil (purified components of coconut oil and palm oil)." Do you think this supplement seems like a good one? I
  5. I can relate to this! For the past few months I had been eating eggs every single morning, and my skin started to break out bad on my chin and my upper lip, so I think the hormones in the eggs really messed up my hormones.
  6. Hey, I just looked through your log, and I wanted to ask about inositol, since you've been taking it for a while. I just started taking it yesterday at the dose of 1/8 of a teaspoon, and I wanted to know if you've had any side effects like weight gain. I am super nervous about new hormonal stuff and hope I get no weird side effects!
  7. Next one is August, and then hopefully I'll do it at 3 month intervals. I paid 100 dollars CAD.
  8. I've already written a post about this, but I did a test TCA cross on three scars in May 2013 by a dermatologist's technician in Montreal and, despite the fact that she used 100 percent TCA, my face barely reacted; it stung and frosted over and the whole area was very red for 45 minutes and then it was as though I did nothing at all to my skin. I never scabbed or got any redness. One of my scars improved a little so I decided to come back. I went in yesterday and the same thing has happened.
  9. Does anyone know why someone would break out towards the end of the first week of pills and then again towards the end of the second? It's so weird, the breakouts aren't big at all, but my skin is pretty clear during the rest of my cycle and I don't understand why the breakouts come like clockwork. I am sure it is connected to hormones but I don't know too much about them. I am on ortho cyclen, if that's relevant.
  10. I feel like I have a decision to make regarding my health and my acne, and I am divided as to what to do. i am a 22 year old female who has been on Accutane a long time ago: 8 years ago. I started my course when I was about to turn fifteen and I think I was on it for 5 or 6 months. Started at 40 and got ramped up. My acne went away but, alas, slowly crept back around the two year mark. I've managed to keep my acne mild, I use epiduo and am on a birth control that doesn't worsen my acne,
  11. My scars healed remarkably fast -I saw no scabbing at all, in fact. I seem to be an anomaly; it was as though I had nothing done after about an hour when the initial (intense) redness subsided. Now, over a month later, I see little if any improvement but I will do it again at the end of summer. I hope by mid-July my skin will have fully healed, although it certainly appears to have already! By the time I am in Spain, it will be almost 2 and a half months since my treatment
  12. I have the same thing you have! Have a pimple that's small, so it doesn't look like a cyst, on my cheek since late February and still here! Don't know what to do, BP isn't working for me at all
  13. No one has any clue?? I don't want my scars to regress (I only crossed three) but I can't imagine how fun a trip to Spain would be if I had to avoid the sun
  14. Hi! I got a TCA cross done around mid May and I will be going on vacation mid July. I would like to be able to be on the beach with only a bit of sunscreen (and not the big floppy hat I have been wearing when I've been in the sun since my treatment!). I am considering postponing my second treatment in order to be able to enjoy my vacation. Any advice?