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  1. fmddls

    Still Flaky And Burns

    Yes I know Jojoba really does miracles in moisturizing. But from the previous post I did, jojoba is not available here in Saudi Arabia. I only ordered a 2 big kits of the regimen but I didn't add any jojoba or aha, just the basic. Any other suggestion?
  2. I'm on my week 9 and I'm still super dry and scaly. I tried to peel the dried skins hanging on my face with a tweezers or my bare hand carefully not touching my face. I sometimes do the tape method to take off the dead skin. Did I overdo it or what? I tried mixing moisturizers now. In the morning, cleanser, bp and acne.org moisturizer. in the eve, cleanser, bp and cetaphil mix with acne.org moisturizer. I still feel stingy sensation every time I apply the moisturizer I'm still frustra
  3. any thoughts on dan's recommendation of olay complete all day uv moisturizer spf 15? and i'm thinking also to use cetaphil dermacontrol oil control moisturizer spf 30... have you tried any of these products?
  4. I'll try to buy aha maybe next month. i'll let you know about the progress. about the cetaphil, i forgot to buy.haha still feeling dry though...dan's moisturizer is not enough for me i think...i need additional moisturizer all i can say is, the bp has no doubt made me clear. i don't have break outs anymore just an occasional pimple of one or two but it will be gone the next two days like nothing happens. peeling is part of the process so, hang in there (that goes for me too). i think the b
  5. wow!cool! i've seen all your photos. very encouraging indeed. maybe i just need a little push here. i think we have the same skin type. maybe the pictures i sent didn't do any justice on showing how red it was. but's it really red. i can't send other picture to compare sorry. I have another questions, does the bp somehow helps tighten the pores? i noticed my pores are getting smaller. and also, did you used other products besides aha to lighten your hyperpigmentation? i have a lots of it rig
  6. thanks ayeaye for the encouragement. i just found out last night that (i think) what's making me darker is not the moisturizer. im red. it doesn't sting but im having hot flushes here and there which happens to be all the time even before starting the regimen. can you have time to see these pics of mine? i sent you a message.thanks
  7. Hey there LewisS. Thank you for taking time to read my concern. Sorry it took a while to reply. I'm having some difficulty adjusting since it's Ramadan month. I only wash my face now twice, every 9 am and 8 pm. And I try to be gentle as possible as instructed. My concerns are still there. My face is till flaky and more dry and wrinkled, esp. around the eye area (really ashame ). Redness is more worst than before. I'm on the 1 full pump of bp now and I moisturize more than the usual but
  8. Hey guys, help me out here. I've been in the regimen for 3 weeks now. I started last June 16. Having a broken time of work here in Saudi (8/9AM-12NN then 4-8/9PM), I have to do some cleansing in between time. I wake at 7/8AM for 9AM-12NN shift then I sleep from 1:30-3PM for 4-9PM shift. I'll show you how I do my routine so you can have an idea and correct me if I'm doing something wrong. This is my routine: >Week 1 (JUNE 15 - 21) 12MN: cleanser, less than half a
  9. fmddls

    Finally Starting The Regimen!

    Hey guys. I finally received the kits yesterday afternoon and was so excited to start the regimen. I created an account today to address my concern, if you could please help me.. So, I started last night at around 12 midnight with cleanser, less than half a pump of bp, then moisturizer. I woke up this morning at 7:30 and notice my face is darker, also, my colleagues tells me so. AND I'M FREAKING OUT. In spite that, I continue this afternoon at around 1 PM with the cleanser and moisturizer. D