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  1. I had my 4th smoothbeam treatment yesterday (level 13) and I noticed that today my skin has blistered in quite a few spots. Does anybody have any suggestions as to how to get these blisters to heal faster and/or does anyone know how long I should expect to have them? This sucks because they look like pimples - these blisters, combined with the acne that I currently have makes it look like I am having a bad breakout ](*,) .
  2. Hi - I know there is a needling thread floating around but I wanted to post this good news on a separate thread. I had needling done once before by Frank at Transitions about 5 months ago or so (August?). Anyway I have shallow saucer type scars on both my temples and all sort of scars (icepick mostly) on my forehead. The deep ice picks along my forehead cause a "connect-the-dots" affect on my forehead which makes me look like I have a very deep and crooked wrinkle - I'm only 28. An
  3. In your opinion, what is the best thing to put on a pimple, zit, cyst, whatever, to have it heal quickly and not leave a scar??? Tea tree, manuka honey, neosporin, something else??? I had two big cysts pop up on my face last week and I tried the ice it and then apply neosporin method to heal them - a week later I still have these damn things on my face ](*,) . Also if you can, please leave a link to whatever product you use that works for you (if you buy it online that is). Thanks!!
  4. Has anyone tried this product - http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...gory=31777&rd=1 The guy has pretty extensive positive feedback on it. Since it is only $10 I already ordered it but I was curious if anyone on the board has used it or knows somebody that has used it. Thanks! =D>
  5. I think some derms might provide financing - I'm not 100% sure though - For back acne scars you might want to try copper peptide lotion and exfol serum. I am curious though, what did you do to get rid of the back acne. I have been battling bacne for 3 years now and nothing seems to work.
  6. OK - I want to start a solid topical regimen to improve my skin - I have various acne scars on my cheeks and forehead - I am having smoothbeam treatments for my shallow scars on my cheeks and temples and am hoping that a good topical regimen can help with the small scars/enlarged pores scattered across my forehead. Here is what I was thinking: Morning: Some sort of ALA/DMAE product without Vitamin C - preferably that moisturizes. Evening Retin A Micro Copper Peptides (super CP Se
  7. Yeah - it really doesnt take any skill. They just set the machine and zap you.
  8. I had my initial session on 12 and I had red marks for maybe an hour or so. That was it.