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    I love to read, camp, be outdoors in general with the family. Love learning more and more about health and fitness as well :)

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  1. vanessalamadre

    Random 2 year follow up

    I've been receiving emails from acne.org lately so I decided to pull up my old profile. So interesting to look back and remember what I went through. My face is still clear of acne! I do get pimples now and then but it is nothing like it used to be. I mostly get them right before my monthly visitor and then they go away.They are not nearly as big and red as before. I've attached an updated photo of my date night I had with my husband last night. I actually chose not to wear makeup. What?! All
  2. vanessalamadre

    Ending Month 3

    That would be a tough job to handle on this medication. Luckily I have a desk job. Not bring able to go to the gym this whole time has killed me. I've recently started back though because i couldn't handle it anymore. Its painful but its worth it. I only have about 3 weeks left on accutane!!!!!! I'm all cleared up and ready to be done so I can have normal joints again haha. Best of luck on your journey
  3. vanessalamadre

    Ending Month 3

    Hello all! Lots of changes since the last post. I'm just finishing up month 3. I have about 4 more days until I start on month 4. In my last entry, I talked about how I had broken out terribly after starting my new dosage. Well, technically the breakout has healed. However, it has left these strange red spots on my face where the pimples were. Definitely got scolded by my doc for picking Sometimes you just can't help it!) So I've been moisturizing the red spots like crazy to avoid itchiness and
  4. vanessalamadre

    Ending 2Nd Month

    The breakout is getting better. Just taking forever to heal. Thanks for asking:) I'm not on the pill though so no advice there, sorry.
  5. vanessalamadre

    Back In Business...

    And you're telling me to follow my doctors advice? Just saying.
  6. vanessalamadre

    Ending 2Nd Month

    My doctor actually offered the antibiotic but suggested I stick it out without it
  7. vanessalamadre

    Ending 2Nd Month

  8. vanessalamadre

    Ending 2Nd Month

    I started to write this entry, then accidentally hit the back button on the browser and it was totally lost!!! Not cool. Well, I'm ending month two on Accutane and let me tell you, month two was horrible! In my last entry, I noted I had been bumped up from 40mg once a day to 30mg twice a day. About a week after the new dosage, I broke out so bad!!! My forehead, chin and jawline were, and still are, covered! This is very disappointing after the great results I had in month one. I had my derm
  9. vanessalamadre

    Day 47Ish?

    Lucky you!
  10. vanessalamadre

    Day 30

    Hello All! So I'm on day 30 of Accutane. Should be on day 32 but I forgot take a couple of pills while we were on vacation. Speaking of vacation..... I learned my lesson about being in the sun while on this medication!! We went to the Gulf Coast and wow did I get burnt. Spent Sunday on the beach, applied and reapplied sunblock several times throughout the day and still got burnt. Woke up Monday with a burn and woke up Tuesday with blisters covering my upper back and shoulders. Luckily, I bought
  11. vanessalamadre

    Day 1

    How did you get La Mer samples??
  12. vanessalamadre


    Anyone have the side effect of being very tired while on Accutane? Holy buckets, I could not get my butt up off the couch today!!! It's beautiful outside but I just can't seem to get myself out there! Pretty sure I'm having symptoms of depression already. But I suffered from depression and anxiety before taking this medicine so it doesn't surprise me. I regulate my depression with good ol' exercise! Although, I haven't been able to make it to the gym for over a month due to a nasty cough. My cou
  13. vanessalamadre

    Finally Trying It...

    Same on the lip situation. Though I found Blistex Moisture Melt works wonders for me! I'm not a fan of aquaphor so had to switch. I think you might be on to something with the keep switching it up idea. As far as itchy head, I used a conditioning mask last night as well as wash my hair with head and shoulders. My head felt much better today! Good luck!
  14. vanessalamadre

    First Entry

    Before starting Accutane, I read so many blogs and watch so many YouTube videos to help make my decision. So I figured what the heck, it only seems right/natural to make my own blog documenting my experience I'm 24 years old and have I had acne for about 10 years or so. To me, my acne doesn't seem so bad. It doesn't bother me that much, but it bothers my mom (haha). She asked me to see a dermatologist, so I did. I've tried several options the past couple of years, including topical and oral
  15. vanessalamadre

    Week 13: Day 86 Pictures And Updates!

    Hello! I just started Accutane 9 days ago and can you believe my lips are already starting to dry. But I wanted to share that I found Blistex Moisture melt works WONDERS! Good luck