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  1. Day 15 I literally feel so hopeless (((((((((( My face is redder than hell and I look awful. Worst I've ever looked in my life. I want to cry. I have more spots than I've ever had and it's just getting worse. I can see people staring at me and I've had some dumb comments but I've stuck up for myself and shut the ignorant bitches up. UGHHH can roaccutane plz work and make me cute now
  2. Day 12 Oh my Goodness, I literally have the flakiest skin ever. Like when I get out the shower I have a beard of flakes, and it's even on my forehead too. I've just been applying loads of cetaphil moisturising cream to combat this but I still feel really self conscious about the flakes! Does anybody know how long flaking lasts on Roaccutane? Also, my face is so so so painful to touch right now. Like when I'm washing if I gentle spread my face wash over it, I get the most awful pain and i
  3. Hi will . Yeah same i think once the acne clears (hopefully) I'll have a lot of hyper pigmentation but I've got some bio oil which will hopefully work on that. If anyone wants to see any before pictures, I have some on my profile of like a year ago, my acne has come and gone due to treatments since then but it's about the same as it is now really so that's just an idea of my acne. Anyway, I've just finished WEEK 1. I haven't really noticed much change, but I've been taking the pill on a fu
  4. Hey everyone. I've had acne since about year 10 when I was 15. It's not really too severe and cystic like some peoples which I have seen on here, which I'm grateful for, however it's very persistent and my skin is the oiliest thing ever. After a three month referral from my GP, the dermatologist prescribed me Roaccutane and here I am hoping to finally clear my skin. I've been prescribed 20mg and 40mg on alternative days, to even out around a 30mg average. I'm like the average height
  5. Aw thank you for replying. I went to the GP on Wednesday and got my letter this morning, My appointment is mid February which I'm happy about. I appreciate there's more important things such as cancerous moles which take priority and I still think the NHS is brilliant! So do you think I should just tell the dermatologist that it is worse off the antibiotics? Part of me hopes it gets worse for February so that I can just get on with the strongest treatment. Thank youuu
  6. Hiya. I went to the GP yesterday for a checkup on my acne. Previously, I've been on two types of antibiotics however it hasn't been as successful as I hoped. My doctor said he wanted me to go on Roaccutane and he said he'd send me a letter with an appointment regarding the dermatologist. My question is, how long will I have to receive the letter and how long do you think I'll have to wait for my appointment? I know it's longer because acne isn't considered that serious compared to leperacy a
  7. Hey, I'm going to try to reduce my oil oil by using peppermint oil capsules. I was wondering if anyone could tell me what dose I would need to have to see a decrease. Thank you
  8. Funnily enough I actually have some peppermint! I'm going to drink a full mug at night and a full mug in the morning and bear the taste, but I'm not sure if this will be enough?
  9. Hey guys! I'm going to start drinking green tea to try and decrease my androgen levels (I believe green tea is an anti-androgen) but I'm not sure how strong it actually is... Does anyone know how much green tea (preferably how much tea bags) I would have to consume to notice any changes in sebum production or hair growth? The only way I can consume it is through drinking it so please don't recommend supplements. Thank you.
  10. Clear My Skin

    Oily Hair

    I'm no expert in hair, but I get very mild oily hair, and use something called "Nozine Medicated" or something like that. It works really well and contains salicylic acid.
  11. Thanks, I'm not really suffering from hairloss, but my hairline in the centre is further back than my sides. I'm going to hopefully persuade my parents to let me take saw palmetto soon. ).
  12. Hey guys, thanks for all the posts and help! I'm 15, I think I have a receeding hairline (I wax my hair up and the middle is further back than the sides) and I (yes this is disgusting) but I'm really hairy, like my monobrow grows back 2 days after plucking it, I've also noticed hairs on my forehead. I do think that this is linked with my DHT, so do you think Saw Palnetto would reduce hair growth time?
  13. I would advise against taking saw palmetto if you're male, especially if you're still going through puberty. I'm well past puberty and even I'm afraid to try it due to the estrogenic effects I've heard about in other males. Hang on a minute? If acne-free/oily skin free people don't have oily skin, surely that'd mean they don't have high testerone like me? And I'm sure their penises are growing? Maybe the capsules are okay? So confused!