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  1. I started at 40 mg yesterday, but I actually wanted to start at 20 mg. I called my dermatologist right after I took my first dose and asked him if he had any qualms with me taking my 40 mg tablets every other day. He said that was totally fine. I have found that people have less problems long term will smaller doses and that is my biggest concern. How many mg did you take on your first course of Accutane? Did you have any long term problems? Good luck to you as well! Thanks so much for replying.
  2. Hi dear! yes Aquaphor is a miracle worker, I also love just plain ol' Vaseline while on (and off because even after you are off Accutane, you will still stay drier than normal) Accutane. I put Vaseline up my nose to prevent nosebleeds. I know that sounds weird, but it will help so much! For your dandruff, may I recommend getting some kind of hair oil. I use a Shu Uemura "Essense Absolue" which is an oil that you can use as a mask or in small amounts as an every day hair smoother. It is a li
  3. I haven't really been able to find ACTUAL studies, which drives me crazy too. However, I have read tons of these blogs and those things seem to work for them. Also, the science behind Milk Thistle promoting healthy liver functions is easy to look up. I debated between Fish Oil and Krill Oil, I think that one is more of a personal preference. I did see a few people saying that too much Omega-3 while taking Accutane can be a bad thing, but I have no idea if that is accurate or not.
  4. Hmm! That is a very strange thing for your dermatologist to say. I have seen several dermatologists while on Accutane and they have NEVER said that. However, you need to make sure you aren't using harsh cleaners. I would recommend Cetaphil, it is very light and will not irritate your skin. I would recommend their face lotion too while on Accutane!
  5. Oh the joys of Accutane! I just started my second course of Accutane today. My first course kept me clear for SIX YEARS though, and when I say clear I mean C-L-E-A-R! One day I woke up with acne again. Talk about my worst nightmare! However, my dermatologist told me only about 20% of people need a second treatment. I love ance.org because it helps you understand that you are not alone in the struggle. Keep your head up and remember it will get better, I PROMISE! If you have any que
  6. Hello I just started my second course of Accutane today. I know how you are feeling. ANXIOUS! Everything that you are experiencing sounds pretty normal BESIDES the bloody stool. Has it happened since then? Also, can I ask why your dermatologist prescribed such a low dose? I was actually considering asking for 20 mgs just because it lessens side effects. Cheers! Visit my blog too!
  7. I would call and speak with your dermatologist because I am not sure if that is quite enough time. I just started my second course of Accutane today!!!! UGH! So I know the feeling. I was clear for about six years though. I have read a few studies that say about 20% of Accutane patients need a second course.
  8. It varies person to person. I would say most people notice a big difference around the beginning or middle of the second month. Feel free to visit my blog! I just started my second round of Accutane. BLAH!!!!!! Keep your head up! It gets so much better I was completely acne free for six years!
  9. Hi Mikkia! I just started my second round of Accutane and I have done a lot of research on supplements to take while taking Accutane and I can fill you in on what I am taking this time around that I WISHED I had taken my first time. -Fish Oil is a must! It will help with joint pain which most people experience while on Accutane. -Calcium. Your bones are at risk while on Accutane. I did not take calcium while I was on Accutane the first time and I had some bone problems after. -Vitamin E. T
  10. So I am new to this whole commenting thing. I have read millions of these posts on acne.org but I just gave in an got an account while I go through my SECOND course of Accutane for support. I ran across yours and I have a few suggestions. First off, I haven't read all your other posts, maybe you mentioned this earlier but are you taking any supplements? They helped me my first time with my active lifestyle. Second, I would not recommend using a scrub while on Accutane because of the fragility of
  11. Hi, welcome to my Accuatne blog!!! Please feel free to comment and discuss anything you would like. I would really love to hear from you. I have been through this before and have read (what feels like) millions of blogs on Accutane. I am going to keep this as short as possible. I began having severe acne when I was 14. I tried everything for four years...and I mean EVERYTHING! Finally, my dermatologist told me it was time for Accutane. BEST DECISION EVER! It kept me clear for about six ye