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  1. lolita44

    1 Month 1 Week

    Does anyone have any knowledge about red marks once the pimples go away? They make my skin look so bad thank you all for the support. It's going to be a long journey but I hope the worst of it is over.
  2. Hi! I'm about 6 weeks into my course. I'd love to offer each other encouragement since we're about on the same timeline! I have so many red marks and all of my clogged pores are turning into whiteheads
  3. lolita44

    Day 47

    Well I'm just a few days away from my 50 day mark. And halfway there to my 2 month mark. I haven't really posted because not much has changed. My skin looks like shit. As far as cysts go (the ones I got on my IB) all dried up but have left red marks. I'm continuing to get whiteheads, particularly around my chin and lower cheek area. It's so depressing. I have so many red marks and the pimples take so long to heal. I just hate the way I look with acne and I wish I could go back to the days when I
  4. lolita44

    1 Month 1 Week

    So depressed. The cysts aren't even finished healing but I got 4 more whiteheads this week. On accutane they look so much worse and so inflamed. I know it will get better but this is so depressing. When I'm not wearing make up it looks like I have the chicken pox. Why. When will I start seeing results.
  5. Yeah I understand that. Minocycline stopped working for me about a year in. Then I switched to amoxicillin for about 3-4 years and am now on accutane. The IB sucks but I've already seen so much improvement in the texture of my skin in the span of a month so I believe in it! Just keep in mind that the IB will probably be the last breakout you'll ever have
  6. I took minocycline in high school and it completely cleared up my skin! But then I built up immunity to it and broke out again. And now I'm on accutane! I didn't experience a yeast infection at all while on antibiotics. Are you still planning on getting on accutane?
  7. lolita44

    1 Month!

    Alright, update. It's easy to get upset and thinking about how much my skin sucks. This week has been an emotional roller coaster. I developed like 5 cysts on my chin and nose area, in addition to other various ANGRY whiteheads. It sucks, and it hurts. Luckily they seem to dry up quickly and the cysts from last week are practically gone. I got one regular pimple on my forehead (which has actually been pretty clear) so I spot treated and I'm hoping that will disappear. While the cysts are no fun,
  8. lolita44

    Just Need To Vent.

    Thanks so much guys! I've been doing my best not to think about it but as you know it's really hard, particularly when you have cysts on your face and the pain is a constant reminder. Hoping I clear up soon!
  9. lolita44

    Just Need To Vent.

    My skin sucks. It just looks awful. Make up also looks like shit because the texture is so bad. This is so depressing I used to have perfect skin.
  10. lolita44

    Day 22

    So I've officially hit my three week mark, and it seems as though what I previously thought was my initial breakout...was not. It's actually quite hilarious how awful my skin is right now. The only thing getting me through it is the prospect of clear skin which Accutane pretty much guarantees. At least I can tell it's doing its job...so I can't complain there. Currently I have three fairly large cysts on my chin. Which rarely happens, at least not so many at the same time and not on my chin. The
  11. lolita44

    Day 16

    Thank you guys so much for all of the kind words of support! It really does remind me that this is only a small portion of my life and hopefully I'll never have to deal with acne again. Have you been on Accutane PMM1110 or do you plan to? I'm about to update my log so you all will be able to hear more about my progress.
  12. lolita44

    Day 16

    I completely feel you. I'm so ready to be done with acne forever. It's annihilated my self-esteem and definitely provoked bouts of depression. Are you on Accutane right now? Thanks so much for the support. The redness also makes it look soooo bad.
  13. lolita44

    Day 16

    So, as of today one of the cysts on my cheek looks as if it's going to come to a head. Not sure if that's a good thing. Sort of just want it to disappear. Have another small pimple on my forehead and another medium-sized zit on my chin. Besides that, the texture just looks awful. My pores all over are very raised...like everywhere. On my forehead I have defined small bumps, on my nose tons of blackheads, even under my nose blackheads seem to have come out of nowhere. The smaller clogged pores on
  14. lolita44

    Day 12

    Thanks so much for the support guys. I feel a lot better today, seeing my skin really dry up. I'm obviously not too keen on the peeling skin (today's new addition) but at least the pimples will soon dry up with it (will they?) I really hope this is the initial breakout and that I clear up from here on out. I just need to remind myself that 3 months from now, I should be clear. I was self conscious even making out with a guy I'm dating a few days ago because of my skin and didnt want the make up