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  1. Yikes i haven't updated in a while! I figured i would today because i have been using epiduo for 2 months now. Earlier this week, i broke out pretty badly, there was 6 new blemishes. They were terrible, but they are disappearing quickly quickly! And everything else seems to be getting better too. The reason i had not updated in such a long time is because i hadn't really been making any progress. But now i definitely feel like this is the point where i'm going to start clearing up. I really hope
  2. Its been a month and a half since i started using. I haven't been updating regularly because i haven't been seeing much progress. Things will start to get better, then worse, then better, then worse. Frustrating because just when i think there's hope, bam! 5 more blemishes appear. I notice the ones i have been getting aren't quite that bad. I still have a lot of scarring, i think its going away a tiny bit. I'm thinking of adding pictures into the gallery maybe? Hmm..there isn't much more to say.
  3. Day 40 i think? Lol. Sooo, I have been breaking out pretty badly again. I got 8 new blemishes. And they are all pretty noticeable and hard to cover up. They aren't super bumpy, they are just really red. The little bump they have flattens out quickly but its hard to conceal it anyway. And i notice that with these, it takes the scar a long time to go away. So with progress, i say i've taken a few steps back. My skin looks just as bad as before i started using. Kinda disappointing because the left
  4. I wish i could have skin like people in the korean dramas too! I'm glad you have found something that works for you
  5. Day 35.. Still seeing new blemishes come up but its less than before. And i have scars left behind from the other new ones that have come up since using epiduo. The scars are fading little by little, there hasn't been much improvement since the last time. Some days my skin looks better than others. The new bumps i get rarely come to the surface, they are just dark red and leave a scar after they flatten. And epiduo doesn't really do anything to help my blackheads. So, for being on this stuff for
  6. i'm glad to hear that! I hope things keep improving. Did you have a bad initial breakout?
  7. most people say that it starts clearing at the 2 month point! At first its gunna make everything seem like its getting under control, but then at 2 weeks you breakout like crazy! Just be patient with it though. And congratz on your wedding!! Hi there! I also tried epiduo once before, but i didn't stick with it for long because i was so young and didn't know how the stuff worked so i freaked out when i wasn't seeing the results i wanted. But now that i know better, things are definitely looking
  8. Day 24? I don't even remember how many days it has been anymore haha. I decided to post an update because i noticed that things may be starting to get a bit better! So, for the past few days things got AWFUL. I got red bumps all over the right side of my face and a huge painful one on the left side. (I ended up popping the one on the left side because it was so painful. It looked terrible afterwards, but thank the lord for scar removal stuff!!) Then, just now i walked by my mirror, and i looked.
  9. yes i use it every night, and i have almost been using it for 3 weeks now, i'm beginning to break out like crazy. How's it going for you? Does it start clearing up at the 6 week point?
  10. Sorry about the lack of update! Tomorrow will be 3 weeks since i started using epiduo. I am definitely in the initial breakout phase now. There are roughly 10-13 new bumps in total. They are just normal bumps, only 1 of them has been painful so far. I think that they aren't really noticeable with makeup, it just makes the texture of my skin look a bit bumpy, but i'm used to that so it doesn't really bother me. As for peeling, i've had very minimal of that. Its just underneath my nose and a littl
  11. i'm sorry to hear that! The area underneath my eyes also got very red, irritated and flaky, but they are fine now. I just avoid that area completely and i haven't had a problem with it at all after the first week.
  12. Drink 8 glasses of water a day, take vitamins, and make sure you get plenty of sleep. And maye try exercising. All this stuff really helped improve my acne drastically, and its only been a week. Best of luck!
  13. Yeh I know what you mean. I just slept with my makeup on, and I woke up looking cakey and feeling like my skin was being suffocated. And when I finally got home and took the makeup off, it didn't relieve that suffocating feeling at all. My face looked all dry and irritated. So I would try to be brave or maybe try a tinted moisturizer or BB cream if there's no way you can suffice without covering up?
  14. I've been in high school for 2 years now, and no one has made fun of my acne. It could be because i cover it with makeup, but even with that you can tell my skin isn't perfect. It is hard though, seeing all the pretty girls with their clear flawless skin and wondering what you're doing wrong. Try not to stress out too much about your skin because it will only make it worse. Focus on your studies instead! I wish i had done that
  15. Yes, actually. I was failing math badly this year, and what really stopped me was my acne. I had to go to the teacher to get help, but his classroom is always filled with people. I hated facing them and how they all stared at me as i walk through the door. It was the worst feeling.