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  1. Hi, I also suffer from mild superficial acne scarring on my cheeks. It's the kind of scarring that can’t be seen with moderate light. I guess it’s only a problem when I come under a bright light and this causes my face to be seen as with irregular texture and shallow marks. My derm said that those superficial scars will fade without surgical intervention (peeling, laser etc) almost like saying that over time they will be really improved. But I don’t know if he meant mont
  2. Today… I’m happy, because finally, my skin looks everyday better. Forgive me if you encounter any mistakes in my writing, but English isn’t my first language. I discovered this page (acne.org), during those days where I couldn’t explain myself how to beat this devastating disease. Acne came to my life when I was 20… when I thought that due to my age, I had escaped from it. I’m 22 now, when I was 21, the problem really went out of control. It was frustrat
  3. Try Effacklar K.... I did'nt believe it at all at the beginning... but in just 5 days it made my skin smoother.... It makes a gentle micro exfoliation... My personal experience... my face became smoother in just 1 week... I'm still using.... I had severe cystic acne... after a course of accutaneI still got pimples--- I'm now controlled... just one little pimple every 3 or fourth day.... it's wonderfull In the morning I wash my face with Emulbase Bioazufre The I apply after i hav
  4. Hi... I'm Humberto, and I think I was probably in your same situation, or even worse. First... the type of acne that you have is from moderate to severe... because you have acne in the form of cysts. Be careful, cyst if not treated correctly lead to possible scarring. I hated when I went up in the morning with 3 or more of them in my face. It just seems to be horrible, and they hurt when you touch them gently. My derm said that was because they contained dead bacteria and miroorganisms. So m