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  1. So, now, almost a month later, I can confirm "Jojoba oil really works !" Thank you so much for that tip Brandy!!! I've been able to slowly ramp up the amount of BP I use! But still, when I watch Dan apply his normal amount of BP in his video, I can't imagine how his skin can take it without dissolving ?! e.g. when I apply just the tiniest amount to the space between my lower lip and my chin, my skin first starts to first hurt, then becomes a somewhat leather-like film, and fina
  2. Thank you for your response ! I'll give Jojoba Oil a try! Do you think it could serve as a stand-alone moisturiser ,too ?
  3. Hey guys, another desperate here, A little personal acne CV: I didn't really have acne issues until the age of 19. Out of the blue I began to develop moderate to severe acne, which immensely influenced my self-esteem and ultimately forced me to go on the accutane (after the topical version of accutane failed to show results). This was actually my 3rd time on the accutane, but the times I took it before I only had mild teenager acne AND: neither I ,nor my dermatologist didn't really pay a