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  1. It will take time and patience, possibly 6months to a year, but it will fade. I have found the two things above (aloe, hempseedoil, vit c) to be helpful in healing and fading red spots. The rest is up to your body. Also try getting some sun, just enough so you dont burn to get vitamin d and even out skin tone. Are you still using acne products? Bp slows down healing time in my opinion (also will cause vit c not to work because of oxidizing). If u are using bp id take a break once a week and appl
  2. hi are the red spots raised and inflamed, or are they what is left behind from the acne? If these feel tender and inflamed treat with bp. However if they are hyper-pigmentation you can try a mix of Aloe and oil (Hemp seed or jojaba). Another thing you can do is make a serum from asorbic acid (Vitamin C derivative). You can buy the asorbic acid at [Removed] or search on amazon. be careful to make no more than a 5-10% solution
  3. Has your dermatologist diagnosed you with rosacea? Thats likely what you have. Im assuming you may have tried typical things that are prescribed for rosacea and they didnt help. Everyones skin is different especially those who have rosacea, so you need to pay very close attention to the products you use. I was using a tretinoin cream for my acne, but realized the redness went away 50% when I stopped using it. The doctor put me on soolantra instead (an insecticide). To be honest I dont thin
  4. Thank you! I have heard good things about blue light therapy before so i will start looking!
  5. I never had much luck with the sea salt... But i was never super consistent with it either, so maybe I did not give it enough time. I do know that sea water contains a living organism simular to a pro biotic, in that it kills bacteria and p. acnes. From what I researched it needs the water to survive. But I know salt is antibacterial as well.
  6. So ive had backne for a good while, since I was 15/16. It was pretty embarassing because I was a dancer. Anyway im 25 now, and im seeing a dermatologist. I was using aczone (a topical antibiotic) and generic differn on my back. My back was pretty dry so she told me to stop the differin. Well i broke out a little more, so i decided to try some stridex wipes. Becsuse they had worked before. Of course my walmart has stopped selling stridex but I am able to get a pack for $3 at Dollar General. Thi
  7. Can you tell me what site you bought the led light from/ what brand it is. Im having trouble finding one that is not 100$. Also, do you move it around your face for the ten minutes?
  8. I might be able to do the Keflex though. thank you again!
  9. rats...I'm allergic to penicillin so I cant take that :/ Thank you though
  10. Thank you so much! I will look these up and ask her. The antibiotics I have been taking are suppose to be more gentle on your body, and they are not even offered in generic forms. They are for people who get stomach issues ect, so my dermatologist was very surprised when I got yeast infections-but pretty sure they are still killing my good bacteria. I must have a low amount of naturally occurring good bacteria.
  11. Last post I was having a lot of issues with congestion. I called my dermatologist and she put me on a generic form of differin. She said it makes sense that the salslysic acid wipes were working. Honestly, I think the wipes worked better but I guess this is better for my skin. It made my face better but my back worse. So she eventually told me to stop using it on my back. I have also been takeing Oracea (40mg doxycycline). But I keep getting yeast infections. I've had 4 in 9 months.
  12. Yeah I feel like rosacea is so...I can't even think of the word I'm looking for.. Vague? Idk. My dermatologist says I have rosacea but I don't have any visible blood vessels, and my skin is only red where I have a breakout. I definitely have normal acne but I do get some bumps that are just filled w clear liquid. Also, my skin felt irritated before starting aczone and an oral antibiotic. Honestly, the second time I used benzoyl peroxide my face turned super red and I started being allergic
  13. How long ago did you stop with the retinol? Because maybe these painful bumps are a symptom of your skin readjusting? Idk if salicylic acid and bha is the same thing but I have used both. I find that it helps decongest my pores and exfoliates my skin a little bit (which means a little peeling but I probably need that because I have dry flaky spots anyway), it also helps to fade red hyperpigmentation a little. Now in my experience idk if its going to help the painful bumps, if u are not agai
  14. So wondering if anyone here has been diagnosed with both acne rosacea and regular acne. I'm using aczone and oracea right now, nothing spectacular so far.
  15. Cycle days 27, 1,2,3 (aka beginning of my period. connection? i bet) So over the weekend my pores got incredibly congested/clogged whatever. Also the hyper pigmentation was driving me crazy. So decided to add my asorbic acid toner back in, and but the aczone on top. I noticed a difference the next morning..spots were a little lighter. Another night I wiped my face with a salicylic acid wipe (stridex no alcohol) and rinsed it off. Then applied my aczone and moisterizers. Can I say that i