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  1. It's supposed to be true, it's a well known "fact", but I can't say I've noticed any difference when washing my face a lot. Sometimes I wonder if it's quite the opposite actually :-k
  2. I have oily skin, will Vinegar make it even more, or less, oily? MAYA, a question for you, did your friend have any indented scars? Or where they just red marks? I read somewhere that they were "orange peel" <---- this doesn't make any sence to me since English is NOT my first language
  3. Ance is a bitch, but you actually look pretty nice... a qute girl
  4. I've heard about the urine treatment too... I know lots of people on the internet who've used it and not one of em had anything negative to say about it. Except that it smells and makes u wanna vomit.... but once u get used to it :-k All I can say is that it seems to work for a lot of people...
  5. How sick are your family?? If they really loved u they would see ur in pain and help u in everyway they can. Maybe what u need to do is hurt one of your family members if they don't help u with money and support!
  6. I've gotten some pimples from using the vinegar... they stopped when I stopped using vinegar. But my skin tone and scars improved (slightly) so I'm gonna use it again...
  7. I wanna update u guys n girls on how the vinegar thing's been working out. I used it for about a week (this was a couple of weeks ago) and at first it made my scars look worse. After a couple of days my skin was a bit red, not that much though, and a few days after that I noticed scabs on my left cheeck where I have my scars. After about a week I stopped using it and let my face heal a bit. And the strangest part was... my really shallow scars had ALMOST vanished, my indented scars were SLIGHTLY
  8. I have been using the vinegar method for about 5 days now... just wanted u to know how it's been goin so far. Yesterday I think I saw a SMALL sign of improvement on one of my scars... Before I went to bed yesterday I used tape method and Vinegar (it stinged more than usuall) and today I can see that I "damaged" my skin more than when I don't use the tape method... I hope that my skin will heal better this time and that the scars will be more shallow! I would really like to hear what Maya ha
  9. I've been using the vinegar for about 3 days now and still nothing... guess it just takes a bit longer... the real problem is that the scars seem to be worse, well not reallly worse but at least easier to see... really annoying! To all of u who's using vinegar, did u notice that ur scars looked "worse" when u started using it?
  10. I was also wondering what roling scars are... never heard of that before!! Can some1 be so kind and explain (thouroughly) what they are like and/or post some links with pics? How do u see a difference between ice-pick and indeented scars? Would be really greatful for any answers.... did I mention I'm new here, Lo all!
  11. Trying this vineager stuff, I'm on day two.... how long does it take to see ANY results? I have shallow small indented scars and some ice-pick type of scars... Has any1 seen any reslults on these type of scars?