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  1. I iced it and it seems to have worked little bit.
  2. Iv'e had this mega pimple on my chin for about a week now. While it has gone down and size and gotten better, it still is big and ugly sititng there on my chin. I was wondering what i coudl do about it. My acne cleanser has done wonders for my face and continues to do that, but it has done nothing for this monster. Iv'e also tried to use acne spot treatment but that was obviously a waste of money. I have a big weekend planned and i might have to cancel my plans if nothing can be done about this
  3. Paula's Choice seems a little expensive, any other choices?
  4. I use Clean and Clear continuous acne cleanser. But I also have an exfoliating gel face wash from them, I tried to use it but it didn't seem to work.what do you recommend?
  5. Under my bottom lip, on my chin there are these little pimples I seem to can't do anything about. To be honest I don't think they are even pimples, just clogged pores. I've got some unclogged but I can never fully unclog them because they are so small. Any advice? Pictures below.
  6. Your probably right, but it seems that it is taking soooo long to heal. I was thinking since it was minor I could apply something gentle and it disappears quickly.
  7. I'm black with acne and I know how you feel dude. My acne cleared up once I finished highschool though and I'm left with a few scars I'm trying to get rid of. Strangely, I had acne bad in high school but I still had high self esteem and was quite popular. I was on the basketball team though. I also was very social with girls and guys. The only problem I had was when there was this girl I liked I had to wait till my face cleared up(it never did) then get the confidence to finally talk to her. Whe
  8. Hey I was wondering what I could do to get rid of these minor scars I have. You might not be able to see them that we'll with my bathroom lighting. I was trying to get some natural lighting from outside bit I was late for work. So anyway I'm a Black male with mixed skin(slightly oily around nose and forehead, I've never had acne on forehead or around nose though) couple of months ago I got lucky and my and started clearing up. Now it's practically gone. It left behind some little dents in my ski
  9. What can I do to get rid of the redness? It doesn't look bad in regular daylight it just looks like that when I'm right under the lighting.
  10. I just used an over the counter treatment of clean and clear continuous acne control, but I also think i was one of the lucky ones whose acne clears up at a certain age.
  11. Hey, I'm a 17 year old black male whose acne just cleared up about 2months ago. I was wondering if these spots on my face are indeed acne scarring, if they are can anyone give me some tips or over the counter products that might help clearing them up? Thanks.
  12. Hey i was wondering what type of acne i had. The left and right side of my face has broken out. I have been using Cetaphil cleasner and it has not been doing anyhting at all. The left side of my face isnt even budging. THe right side of my face on the other hand is slowly clearing up. Tomorrow i am going to go buy Clean and Clear Morning burst seeing as it has worked wonders for my acne before. Can anyone please help me? This is the worst my acne has ever been. The first picture is the left si
  13. Hey i was wondering if i could try any over the counter stuff to help with my face. About 2 weeks ago be4 i graduated from highschool, i had a horrible brrakout the previous night(perfect timing.....). Since then ive had this stubborn acne that refuses to go away. The right part of my face has cleared up for the most part, but the left is being an idiot. Any help? Im not looking 4 someting to try not to prevent the breakout but clear it. Im 17 with regular skin if it helps. Picture included.