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  1. Hello all! Sorry, feels like ive been gone for a while but im back.. Thanks Biggs for that resource. definitely helped clear things up for me. Its DAY 66 for me! Sooo I went on that sailing trip I think I mentioned earlier and it was so nice to not worry about putting makeup on! I did get a tiny cystic zit near my chin but it wasnt painful or large enough to really bother me much. However even though I was ALWAYS wearing sunscreen I managed to get ridiculously burnt while we were on our
  2. richard: Do you know of any kind of resource that explains and shows this? Or how i know what a full course is for me(From my understanding, its all about the cumulative dosage which changes depending on age, weight, etc.)? Ive been searching online but many of them just seem more like opinions than facts. I did question my dermatologist when she mentioned the four month thing, asking her if it's true that theres a higher chance of relapse if i stop before the full 6 month period. She didnt
  3. Okay, I've got a question for y'all. Had my dermatologist appt today to be prescribed for month 3 beginning in a few days. She looked at my face and said there was good improvement and she may be able to pull me off after month four of Isotretinoin and that we will wait and see. I know its in the future and who knows if this will actually happen, but thinking ahead I'm not sure how I feel about it. On the one hand I can't wait to be off of Absorica and not deal with my flushed face and d
  4. Here are pics taken today. It was just after showering so my face was a bit more flushed than the usual red tone I have had since starting 'tane. Fairly smooth although I do still have noticeable scabs from picking (i know, terrible ;_; ) at the pimples i got over a week ago. I definitely have noticed that they are healing very very slow compared to when i'd probe and pick before I started Absorica. As you can see though, no large nodule or cystic-type spots! yay!
  5. Thanks dude! Hopefully I won't be needing it, but I'll get to that later. First.... DAY 51! I come with good tidings. I have noticed a dramatic improvement since my last update. Since then I have had no cysts or large painful pimples.. hardly anything at all. I think i have literally only gotten two tiny pimples that hardly even became inflamed. I am definitely noticing the hyperpigmentation I'm dealing with more than ever though since I'm not focusing so much on all the breakouts happen
  6. thanks for the tips tim DAY 45 For the past couple of days my skin appears to be improving. All the nodules from the past week or two are fading and nearly gone and I appear to have no significant new spots forming. All those blackheads that were pushing up a while back on my nose seem to have finished their biz and cleared out. I do notice that there remain several tiny whiteheads scattered around my chin and mouth area that haven't budged. But if that's all Im dealing with, I think I
  7. Does anyone have recommendations to apply to emerging spots while on 'tane to calm them down? What have you guys tried, and any successes?
  8. DAY 38 Scales. I'm starting to notice drier skin everywhere. My nose has a scaly region at the very tip, kinda on the bottom though so it's not super noticeable. My arms are also looking kinda rashy. But I do shave my arms and I think that might be what irritated them, because they were fine before that. If it gets worse I'll post a pic to gross you guys out a little Also, I went to the beach Saturday, and didn't wear sunblock on my arms, only my face O: luckily it was kinda cloudy(wait, ho
  9. Thanks Tim! Going into this I expected that I'd be an emotional mess the whole time on treatment. But I'm just counting my blessings and I know many people have it worse, with more severe acne or more painful cysts or friends/family that make the whole acne thing even tougher. That helps keep me centered and not feeling all sorry for myself And yeah, glad to hear the spots are more manageable now but sorry to hear about the oil increase. It does seem like its a fairly typical thing to happen wi
  10. Hey mittens! Glad to hear you're staying positive, its all in the perspective Im less than a week behind you on the tane treatment with very similar results, still getting breakouts on my cheeks but seem to be clearing(fingers crossed). I keep wanting to get frustrated too but that's much too easy, to sit back and just feel bad for myself. Much better use of my time to focus on enjoying the little things! It seems to me like the majority of people don't see improvements till at least somewh
  11. DAY 34 (?) Woo, made it through the dreaded first month alive. Right now still just chugging along, still getting some painful bumps but I've been too busy to really even care much.. As far as side effects go, nothing new. Getting used to the dry skin/lips thing and now lotion and lip balm/ointment are fairly routine. Actually though now that I think of it I did notice something else side effect related. A couple days ago I got to see my FAVORITE ska band. So as you can imagine, I was skank
  12. DAY 26 No new/worsening side effects to report today. I did have my derm appointment this morning though. I didn't ask for any details on my bloodwork, but my dermatologist said there were no problems. So she asked about side effects then gave me a prescription for month 2. She didn't mention upping my dose but on the prescription sheet she wrote 45 mg instead of 40? I think it was an accident but who knows. She also didn't seem to know what month I was in.. whatever I guess she's a busy gal
  13. DAY 24 So... dry... Over just the past two days I've noticed it increasing everywhere. My scalp has become dry and I'm even noticing flakes.. time to switch shampoos I guess. Also, I'm shedding hair like a dog in summer. My face is definitely flaking all around. Unless I put on moisturizer right out of the shower, my makeup makes the flakiness much more visible. And lips.. still dry as ever but doesn't seem any worse. Although I went out last night and forgot my Aquaphor- when I reached for
  14. DAY 22 Ive been starting to feel pretty optimistic about this whole accutane thing. Not that my face is in it's greatest shape, but nevertheless optimistic. Almost done with month one and if I can do month one, I can do all of 'em. In my last update I mentioned Mount Vesuvius on the under side of my chin. Well, it's lying dormant now. Insead, the neighboring area along my jawline has, in fact, revealed itself to be a volcanic hot spot. One large and rather painful nodule type zit and the
  15. Thank you ! Its always good to hear it from someone else, sometimes I think I try to convince myself its better/worse even if it hasnt changed. Hearing from others keeps me sane YES! It totally was around that time. I have been moisturizing well (at least i think, im used to hardly moisturizing at all so it feels like im doing it a lot now) but i DEFINITELY need to be drinking more water. Thanks! Wow, thanks for all the tips! I have definitely heard some good things about CeraVe. Right no
  16. DAY 17 Since my last post Ive seen a couple of changes. The Good: Everything is drying up! After a long day of running around at work my face is not greasy! My makeup actually stays in place, its wonderful not coming home looking like an oily mess. Also, my hair doesnt get oily, I went 2 full days(and couldve prob gone more) without it looking the least bit dirty or oily. This comes in especially handy if you are a dirty hippie like me and hate being bothered to wash and style your hair
  17. Since I'm already technically on day 13, I'll sum up these past couple weeks. WEEK 1 No huge changes (sigh of relief). after a few days, my lips started to feel dry. not peely or chappy, but the best way I can describe the feeling is pruny. I noticed the active breakouts drying out with dry peely skin around it. A few little pimples beginning to surface. Trouble falling asleep but not sure if thats related or not.. Anyway no IB the first week but definitely was not gonna get my hopes up.
  18. Hello, world! My name's Rachel. I'll cut to the chase-I have had moderate acne since I was a wee little thing, beginning in 6th grade with a pimple here and there. As I went through middle and high school, my acne got worse but really was never anything too bad, maybe 2-3 active(but not huge) pimples at any given time. Well, in the latter half of 2012 my face erupted with acne. I was 20 years old at the time. I attributed it to my high stress levels and poor diet, but the acne remained even when