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    Clearing Skin Wash

    Clearing Skin Wash

    .5% salicylic acid + tea tree oil can be used twice a day w/o overdrying clears pustular and papular acne within a week Some people experience closed comedones with this cleanser doesn't work for everyone with acne percentage of salicylic acid may be too low for some severe acne I love this cleanser. I had results as soon as I used it. It smells delicious as well. I'm an esthetician that's new to Dermalogica. Many of my co workers use special cleansing gel and recommend it to their clients becau
  2. Special Cleansing Gel may not be suitable for acneic skin types.

    Lasts for 6-8 months. Twice a day. Good lather. No salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide or sulfate. doesn't clear acne for most skin reacts when switching derm cleansers Expensive Many of my clients love special cleansing gel. I prefer the clearing skin wash for hormonal acne. I have had great results with the clearing skin wash. I switched to the special cleansing gel to see how my skin would react. I started it around my menstrual cycle and used it for 2 weeks after. I noticed that I had a conti