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  1. I have had a problem with acne for a while now. I have surface acne as well as cysts, and I am on prescription medication for it but its still not working as well as I would like. I have been vegetarian for 9 years and started going vegan a couple of weeks ago, so I feel like I'm definitely deficient in some vitamins that could maybe be causing some of my acne. I'm nervous to just start taking vitamins though because I don't know if it could make my skin worse. So what are some vitamins that hel
  2. I got a clarisonic a while ago but it was around the time i was put on tretinoin cream so I couldn't use it because it was too much exfoliation with the retinoids and it made me really flakey. my derm took my off tretinoin cause it wasn't working all that well and put me on clindamycin gel along with minocyclin oral medication. do you think it is okay to use the clarisonic a few times a week now? btw i still have active acne and some cystic acne
  3. Im on tretinoin cream and monodox. My skin is really really oily (its been like this before I started acne treatment) and I'm tired of having to blot pretty much every hour. My skin is also dehydrated from the tretinoin so I have a lot of flakey patches so it's really hard to help my oiliness when it makes my dry patches worse and vice versa. Any tips or products to help?
  4. Soo I've been on Tretinoin Cream and Monodox for 5 months now. My acne is getting better.. still gets really bad every now and then. I used to have no acne at all. I decided to go on birth control and my body freaked out on every pill I tried. I finally had to give up. During the time I was struggling with birth control, I started to get horrible acne and really really really oily skin. Even though I haven't been on a pill for about 7 months now, my acne is still bad and my skin is still awfull
  5. If you've only been using these products for 2 months, your skin is probably still purging a little, this should stop around 3-3 1/2 months. if you're still having problems i'd talk to your derm. and dont scrub your face!! that's probably causing some of the problems, all scrubbing does is irritate
  6. So I've been on monodox for 4 months now and it's just not working. It's gotten a little bit better but I still always have at least 3 cysts on my face (it used to be like 6) My derm has been telling me that he has to start easing me off of it and it should've been working by now so he switched me down to a lower dosage even though the cysts hadn't stopped and now I have like 8. They definitely get worse around the time of my period but I still have them at other times of the month. I was readin
  7. Purplish spots? How dark is your skin? very very pale. theyre not a true purple color. more pinky purple hyper pigmentation
  8. to everyone who has lost confidence due to acne...

    clears acne helps clear pimples fast helps hyper pigmentation dryness peeling I started using tretinoin cream about 4 months ago. I had really nice skin throughout all high school and of course when iI'm 18 and a senior, my skin goes crazy when everyone else's is finally starting to get better. I was so embarrassed about how I looked I would miss school because I didn't want anyone to see my face. I felt so disgusting that all my pores were clogged that I would pick the living crap out of anythi
  9. My skin recently started clearing up (started using retinoid cream about 4 months ago) and I still get some pimples but it's a lot better. But I have tons of acne scars now. I don't know if they're really considered scars because they're really just dark purpleish spots but they're still super annoying, and I hate having to wear a lot of makeup to cover them when I go out. I know retinoids are supposed to help with these hyper pigmentation spots but I was wondering if there's something else I ca
  10. So I went on Tretinoin Cream about 4 months ago and it's really helped me a lot. Out of no where I started to get really bad acne and cysts and then when I went on it it got a lot worse and my skin was so flakey. But I'm out of the purging/flaking stage now and my acne is so much better but I still get around 3-4 new pimples a week. It's not that big of a deal because they go away relatively quickly and I'm pretty good at covering it with makeup, but I was just wondering if the retinoid cream is
  11. I went on tretinoin cream about 3 months ago and was experiencing the same exact problems. This is what I now do to fix it: after you get out of the shower, don't apply the cream right away! Your skin is very sensitive and your pores are open from the steam, so if you apply the cream right away it will dry your skin out more. Wait a half an hour or so. Next, before applying the cream I spray an Evian facial mist (it's basically just water in a spray bottle) all over my face to moisten it a littl
  12. You really shouldn't use ACV on your skin and especially not lemon juice. It is becoming a trend to use these things on your face and when I did it really irritated my skin. I asked my dermatologist about it and she said that these things over time can really damage your skin's acid mantle and make your skin worse. I know acne treatments can be ridiculously priced but if you feel like your acne is pretty bad you should really see a dermatologist. I tried for months to find different remedies to
  13. Is it okay to use the clarisonic while using tretinoin cream? Not everyday but maybe 2-3 times a week?
  14. Some people have good luck with Lo Loestrin, my doctor told me it would be the only birth control that would not break me out since you have your period for such a short amount of time there wouldn't be enough time for your hormones to make you break out. The problem some people have with getting bad acne all of the sudden when going on birth control is that for most people going on birth control makes you break out when you first go on it because your body is adjusting. This break out period ha
  15. So I got prescribed tretinoin cream .0375% and to wash my face with PanOxyl 10% morning and night, applying the cream at night. I've been doing this for 2 months and my skin has been peeling so badly ever since I started. It hurts and cracks when I smile, sometimes bleeding depending on how bad it is that day. I went in for a follow up appointment with my derm and told her about this issue and asked if there was another moisturizer I could use that would give my skin more moisture (currently usi