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  1. Thank you budah for the update!!! Your scars improved so much!! Let us know if fat grafting/transfer is the way, definitely I am very curious :)
  2. Hey Paula B., For me instant smooth by clarins is better than dermaflage. I have tried my share amount of primers and none work as good. The porefessional is less effective the same as the smashbox primers and the tarte one... Just try to play with it until you get it and dont forget to let it "cook" for some minutes.
  3. Have you considered collagen or other fillers? Seeing your skin I can tell that you are not young, maybe hasnt worked ideally because of that? Decrease in collagen,etc etc and since you have tried lasers, excision, subcision, maybe fillers that are not permanent can aid OOops didnt see the rest of the helpful messages, sorry! Btw spirolactone shouldnt be taken lightly... it was the reason for the worsening of my scars since it broke me out like crazy... the moment I stopped with it the acne w
  4. Dermaflage looks fake... I thought it would help but instead makes me more depressed. I prefer a good primer, and not even this can cover my acne scars for good
  5. I totally agree with you... In my case it doesn't stop me from living the stuff that I like, or having friends or simply traveling. However, when I am alone there are days that I just wish I didn't have them, and this depresses me. A "vain first world" problem? Perhaps, but seriously the person that finds a procedure to erase 100% all my acne scars will have some of my money for sure.
  6. ... lets look into having a holistic approach.
  7. Go to a dermatologist!! No one else can help you treat them. But ofc try to eat healthy because we are what we eat!
  8. They are very superficial! I would go with soft treatments, tho you pretty much have nothing! Try some microdermabrasions
  9. Excellent product!

    My derm recommended it to me just few days ago and so far it has been an excellent product. Doesnt make my skin red like other bp products, but it does tend to dry your skin a lot so after applying a thin layer of it I use Hyalix (in my country it has that name) that is a very simple hypoallergenic hidratation gel.
  10. Great job!! Really something to look forward to do.
  11. Nice going!! I would recommend not doing anything abrasive or invasive during your accutane treatment, try better natural stuff like aloe vera or honey massages to heal up naturally the process and make those red marks go away, also you can ask your doctor for some creams to help you to lighten then up... And please do not forget your sunscreen everytime you are out!! Good luck!
  12. BP is recommended to be used only over pimples... For acne scarring isnt recommended, better use something else like azelaic acid creams that helps both or effaclar duo which also helps... I mention this because i have tried them and so far so good!
  13. I massage my face for around 20 min every night with honey then wait and pass some ice on my face to close pores and then apply with gentle massages natural aloe vera crystals on my face and so far my skins feels much better, red marks are fading aswell, but i gotta tell that i do not only use these natural treatments.. Im now under azelaic acid 0.2g cream, use some nights cicaplast from la roche to regenerate my skin ever since i had laser last november, and some odd days i use eucerin to light
  14. Laser treatments are not recommended for accutane patients unless they have been a year without it because accutane slows down big time the healing process of your skin... I know this for a fact since I was under accutane for two years and only after I left it for more than a year I had a laser treatment that really didnt improve as I wanted my skin... I would really recommend not doing the laser since is very abrasive and it really wont give you want you are hoping for... My advise is to do som
  15. Hello! As I always recommed please go a see a dermatologist, they are the only ones that can prescribe something strong enough for a better cure.. Now you can try natural stuff like I also do beside my doctors stuff, I apply all over my face for scars natural aloe vers crystals washing really good away the yellow substance it has and then mixing it until it gets like a gel... Do use sunscreen if you try it, and also honey is very goood aswell!! Just have patience and perseverance, good luck!