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  1. Hey all, A little update for those who would like to know. I just got back from Rome which was great! I changed a couple things while staying there: 1) Don't wash face (!)... I just took a shower in the morning and that was it. 2) Eat unhealthy... a lot of candy, pizza, fat stuff. 3) Not putting any stuff on my face except sunscreen (only forehead + nose, my acne is on the chin and mouth area) and Aloe Vera gel after getting a little sunburnt. 4) Forgot shaving gel, bought Noxzema Cocoa Butter
  2. I really don't believe any of this. I'm extremely healthy, enough bowel movements ('normal shit' to name it that), no allergies known, haven't been ill in the last 2 years. I eat extremely healthy compared to a lot of people and I still get acne only in my chin/mouth area. Explanation? I don't have one. But this whole face-organ related thing is bullshit in my opinion. So someone who's covered in Acne basically has only shitty working organs? No way. A lot of people on here have tried fasting fo
  3. Just to let you know how things are going for me, I noticed I'm breaking out like mad around my chin/jawline after quiting the Burts Bees regimen a couple of days ago, everything is coming to the surface. Today I felt my nose at about 12:30 and it had almost no oil on it all , I was completely blown away as I always used to have oil all over the back of my hand after trying my nose for oil! I just hope the breakout will subside and things will start healing. My regimen now is: Morning: Showe
  4. Minnym0use you say not to use any bar soaps, and no over-the-counter acne stuff. Do you suggest we shouldn't use a cleanser to wash our face then? If you do recommend using one could you please explain what kind of cleanser it should be? Thank you in advance. Please note I do not have what you'd call cystic acne, just your usual pimples around my chin/mouth and a bit on the jawline. I have already tried, diet doesn't seem to effect me.
  5. Pankins, please note that I am in no way mad at you or think you're the reason I bought all the stuff. That was my decision and not your obviously . I'm glad that you posted your holy regimen and was able to help people, unfortunately that just doesn't include me. Thanks though. Oh and on a positive note, it looks a bit like I blush on my cheeks now and girls seem to think its cute . A few things I'd like to say. I think I know for sure this soap isn't for my skin. I used it today when taking a
  6. I think I can now safely say that Burts Bees isn't for me. It hasn't improved things for me, my oil production is slightly higher than before and I now have 2 cysts forming around my mouth which I've never had before. And this final change makes me drop the Burts Bees regimen, it just isn't for me I guess. Too bad to see my money spent on it and I wont put any money into acne anymore, there is only chemical stuff around here and I should just choose to have a life instead of spending my money o
  7. Vichy is THE brand here in Europe. It's very expensive but the best quality you can get .
  8. I've started using the lemon/egg mask before Burts Bees products. I first used the soap twice daily but it dried me way too much so I use it only at night. I don't think I need to exfoliate cause I have to shave every single morning and that's exfoliating already. I just bought a really good Aloe Vera gel with herbtinctures for your skin, I'm going to throw that in at morning and night and see if it makes a difference cause it's supposed to moisturize as well.
  9. Thanks for your reply Pankins, I'm willing to continue it until may at the latest but if it still doesn't work by then I will stop using them. My entire regimen is this: Morning - Shower, just wash face with warm water - Shave (Gillette Mach 3 with Gillette Sensitive Gel with Aloe and Vit E) - Rinse face with warm water then with cold water - Pat dry with towel Evening - Apply egg/lemon mask for 15 mins - Rinse off with warm water - Follow immediately with cleansing with Tomato soap (rich la
  10. Okay. I'm feeling pretty shitty right now. I'm tempted to quit this. I've been on the soap for about 2,5 weeks and the toner for 1. Like I just said, I'm still breaking out just as bad. My mom even commented on it: "hey it looks like your zits are getting worse." Yeah thanks mom, not like I can't notice. I have never had a comment from her before on it so this is really a big factor. The zits I have now are weird... it sometimes feels like a cyst but it never turns into one, the pain just die