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    From the album: Fuark

    5th month on accutane, skin just keeps looking better!
  2. Lol this guy doesn't know what his on about... ''u wanna build muscle just eat right and drink protein whey drinks and maybe some creatine, steroids r for pussies'' doing that will only keep you average mate.. some people wanna take their aesthetics beyond the limits to reach certain goals especially as a bodybuilder so think before you post.
  3. I have currently been on accutane and this is my 3rd month running 20mg daily, next month I'll be taking 40mg daily. I have seen lots of people run cycles and Accutane and get amazing results. But I'm starting an anadrol50mg oral cycle and my main concern is that this may affect my kidney or liver but the cycle only goes for 4 weeks... My main question is WILL THIS get in the way of the accutane eliminating my acne and WILL this damage my liver? What if i take anadrol50mg in the morning and accu
  4. If it was 45 minutes before the blood test then you're fine.. It usually takes an hour or 2 for it to be noticed in your system mate. Don't worry mate
  5. Thanks for the advice mate, judging your profile picture from my perspective I also recommend that you shape your inner and outer pectorials by doing more cable flies along with incline dumbbell presses
  6. Yeh aha I don't know my height but I'd say 170 - 180 and 87kilos and 17
  7. Continue putting benzoyl peroxide on your skin and nothing else on it. As long as you don't get anymore acne. Start taking vitamin C tablets and Zinc tablets to naturally speed the healing process of your skin, better to take orally then risk putting it on your face riskin a breakout.
  8. Faster results with with zinc

    You feel good Makes you lift heavier Speeds up healing You attract too many girls :/ You last quicker in sex :( After 3 weeks of using this it helped speed up everything along with improving my skin and healing the acne scars. It usually kicks in around your blood stream after 2 - 3 weeks for it to immediately start working, to speed up the results with acne scarring take it at night therefore it works better as you sleep with 35mg Zinc tablets with 1000mg Vitamin C tablets. It cleared up my ski
  9. Sh*t product!

    Helps with grazes and scars ONLY ON THE BODY Sh*t product for scars on the face Long term oily skin Hard to wash off your face My skin has been flawless ever since I applied this on my face for a cut, after applying this on my face for 2 - 4 days I started getting terrible acne and the amount of oil on my skin would never go away! My confidence went away, I couldn't see any girls for a few weeks it took me 3 weeks straight to clear off all the acne! now I have scars that will take 4 - 6 weeks to
  10. TO keep your skin maintained as you continue using these bodybuilding sups I reccomend topping it up with Zinc 35mg along with Vitamin C daily 1000mg, this keeps my skin clear and it also improves it and it gets better and bettter If you're considering on getting on the roids I recommend going on an Accutane Cycle first so you don't break out as you start injecitng.
  11. From the album: Fuark

  12. Everything what googler just said is complete bullshit! he doesn't know anything,I have been on benzoyl peroxide for 9 months and it has actually improved my skin overall along with scarring and smoothness. His just one of those negative people that scares you guys.
  13. FUck what that other guy just said he doesn't know shit, I been takin benzoyl peroxide for a year and yes as your skin dries and rapily sheds more skin causing new skin to generate yes it does help acne scars because your slowy shedding the scars away plus benzoyl perozide.