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  1. crispyduck

    Acne On Upper Top Legs

    at least its not on the face bro...
  2. money cannot give me happiness. Clear skin would give me just that!
  3. i fkin hate acne. i wish no one had to go through this shit.
  4. I know how you feel, Im in the EXACT SAME POSITION as you... Im a 20 year old male currently at university and i dont want to admit it but i also break down and cry sometimes too when im alone in my bed. I know how you are feeling, its like the end of the world right? We have tried everything there is and the stupid acne persists... I know that talking about it can vent out the anger and frustration of acne. I know theres not much i can do except to just comfort each other in the hopes that it
  5. i just wish that i could peel off the first layer of skin on my face which would then unveil a new layer of soft, supple, blemish-free, normal skin that i have been longing for many years now. I Just got a breakout of like 10 pimples on my face. I was feeling good about myself before this happened since my skin seemed to be healing from previous breakouts but now i know these new breakouts and the marks that come along with it will take a long time to heal SIGH... To be honest. I feel like
  6. crispyduck

    How Would You Rank My Acne?

    this is not even acne. Just a few pimples bro haha... you should be very grateful its so light!
  7. crispyduck

    Doxycycline + Differin (And Bp)

    I've just been prescribed the exact same thing by my doctor (except for the benzoyl peroxide since i dont have back acne) and i've completed 2 and a half weeks of my 3 month 100mg docycycline course. I think it's starting to work because i have had fewer breakouts and the inflammation on my face has reduced significantly. Im hoping that this treatment will work for both of us! keep strong and lets pray that this will work!
  8. crispyduck

    Doxycycline Experience Log

    Hey Norvegicus im glad that your acne has improved by 75%, thatis a great result! I see that your last post was in July of 2012. I would like to ask you if your acne came back upon discontinuing use of docycycline. How are you doing now?