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  1. Thanks for the response! Lamarr1986's post on scarring was deffinately a big help, however I have been having trouble finding anything on hairloss. Do you have a link for this?There is MPB running in my family, but not until the age of 45 plus (I'm 18). I will talk to my doctor next time I see him. That's so unfortunate that you experienced all these side effects. Let us know what your doctor says when you go to see him. I have been told that in some cases the hair loss is permanent, but gen
  2. Hi Jason! Your situation seems a lot like mine actually. About a 2 weeks ago I developed a head cold & sinusitis & I have been on accutane for about a month now. I went to see a dr because it hadnt gone away after a week & usually those kinds of illness disappear in 3-4 days, & I was prescribed some anti-biotics & decongestant. I haven't read anywhere, but apparently accutane lowers your immune system, so I would suggest you wait until you're feeling better to start accu
  3. Do you know whether krill oil would be more beneficial than fish oil? I've heard there's more omega 3 in krill oil than fish but not sure. Thank you for making this post, all the replies you get will be very beneficial for a lot of people I'm sure!
  4. Would love to see some progress photos when you have time! So glad to hear good news about it I've been on 40mg a day roaccutane for exactly 4 weeks now & my face has gotten better slightly, I've been told by a few people that it's looking much better now though. I have unfortunately got the side effect of joint pain which comes & goes. I've also noticed I become more worried about some situations I wouldn't have in the past - not sure if that's related to the meds. And I've apparently
  5. I'm just curious how long it took everyone (who is taking accutane) to see results & how long until it became completely clear?
  6. Yep & still am! Like a couple of others that have replied, I'm so worried about long term side effects. I'm already experiencing the joint pain, bit of anxiety & slightly decreased mood plus my immune system is definitely not what it used to be. I'm not trying to scare you now though! Everyone reacts differently to the drug. I'm glad you're no longer worried
  7. Does anyone drink alcohol while on roaccutane? If yes, how many drinks at a time? My friend is having a going away party & I'd like to drink (quite a bit if I can get away with it) but don't know if it's safe? I'm on 40mg of roaccutane a day, and I don't usually drink. But it's a special occasion & I was hoping I could go a little crazy
  8. Yeah your skin actually looks quite good. At first I thought these were photos of improvement because of roaccutane.
  9. Has anyone developed a mental illness such as bipolar disorder while on accutane? & if anyone has, did you keep taking accutane & did the mental illness resolve? Or does anyone know if the chances of developing a mental illness are high while taking roaccutane?
  10. Besides the paracetamol, yes. The dr I went to that put me on the antibiotics & telfast decongestant isn't my usual dr but I did tell him I am on roaccutane. My usual dr is always fully booked so it's hard to get an appt with her but I will try. I think I won't take any more roaccutane until I see her again. Thank you for your help!!
  11. I've been using paw paw ointment which is quite organic & it's been good so far, I've been on accutane for about a month now too.
  12. Has anyone else experienced knee/ankle/back pain & sore throat with congestion while on roaccutane/accutane? I'm having trouble with all these things at the moment. & been out on amoxicillin, pseudo ephedrine with fexofenadine. Just took 1000mg of paracetamol too because the knee pain became unbearable.