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  1. alex13's post in Man in the Mirror: Pre and Post Subcision Photos was marked as the answer   
    Hey guys, I have had a pretty nasty acne since age 14 (the worst - cystic acne) and now it seems I managed to reduce it to one or two pimples (no milk, no cow products, no sugar or spicy foods) . I am 22 now I got a few nasty scars and dont know how to get rid of them. I didn`t read all your thread but I want some expert advice from you !

    In my country - romania - we don`t have lots of options for acne scar treatments and the one that are available are very expensive, but I want to try one of these :

    1. Microdermabrasion with cristals
    2. Microdermabrasion with diamonds

    They say it would help a lot, the one with diamonds seems to be better. What do you guys think ? should I give money for something like that ? and also, is there any cream that I should search for ? or maybe some natural stuff that I can eat ? however the scars are pretty old , 7 years old and i don`t know if anything internally would change them. Please respond with your info ! I really need it.

    I aprecciate a lot, Alex