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  1. Interesting point of view. So where do you think these 'error' genes start ? I`d say the modern society pollution-food-cortisol combo can alter healthy genes and we can pass them to our children.. could that be possible ? but there are countries acne free like those jungle tribes, isn`t it because of pollution-food-cortisol combo is missing there ?

  2. Yep, it comes back. You are a afraid ? lol. It`s better to be on roaccutane and end up in a mental hospital or with your liver destroyed ? no.

    I use zynerit since ages, one time per day after I wash my face clean with super cold water.

    It works wonders, but if you stop it, acne might come back. Remember, acne is internal not external.

    Read my full story here :

  3. First, never shave with hot water. Use super cold water.

    Second, you don`t need to after-shave your face. Just your neck. I only use pure alcohol (medicinal) to after-shave my neck, because most after shaves contain perfumes and other stuff that can cause breakouts. Search for some medicinal alcohol and be a strong man.

    It should improve in days. My story here :

  4. People had acne 50+ years ago too, without fast-food and less pollution. A person with a 100% healthy body can eat everything you labeled as poison without getting acne. Let alone your list of food you can't eat, which is very wrong, the whole concept of diet and acne doesn't make any sense. Acne is a disease, not a skin condition influenced by what you eat. Yeah, you're 95% cured and I'm happy for you, but you're one out of how many? How many persons avoided those aliments and still had acne? If you can't eat the food on your list, without getting acne, you are not a healthy person. Period.

    Have you ever had a full set of tests to see what causes your acne? Like blood tests, bacteria, fungus, parasites, endocrine, testosterone, DHEAS, estradiol, prolactin, LH/FSH ratio and many others tests for kidneys, liver, stomach, allergies etc., VISIA too? Because I don't think anyone should start a treatment without having these tests done beforehand and putting the finger on exactly the thing that it's causing his acne.

    Mister Andrei,

    I guess you have no clue about acne free countries where there is no pollution / fast-food / sugars. There are countries where people live in nature and never had, never will get acne. That`s a fact.

    We have different concepts about health. No one is 100% healthy, there is no such thing as 100% healthy body.

    We both own billions of bacteria, germs, etc. inside of us and yet we might look healthy. We might be healthy. We need some bacteria to live.

    You are what you eat. If you want to eat poison, go on. You will notice several diseases striking your strong 'healthy' body when you get old. Heart attacks, cramps, muscular problems, bone problems... that once never existed. This is the modern society.

    We know that our ancestors used to do lots of mistakes in our past and so are we doing now. We are not fully aware of the poison that we eat, of the poison that we breathe and of the poison that we think. We are still evolving and not yet fully understood the concept of ' CIVILISATION ' as a planetary race.

    My body reacts in this way to the poison, as we call it ; or the super-alimentation with unnecessary stuff like sugars, gluten, etc. This, my friend, this is health.

    I believe the acne people are more healthy than the normal people that eat everything and don`t get acne.

    Because sooner or later the internal organs will collapse in such ways... many ways, we call it old age.

    I have done every possible blood test, hair test, urine test, etc. I am completely 'healthy' as you call that but yet I have the acne gene. If you don`t want to believe my truth, your problem.

    I am here to help people understand that a simple diet plan and a few other things might help them improve acne, dramatically.

    Right ?

    @ BInga : As I said, for me, every fruit is bad. Because they contain sugars, and our bodies are already allergic to sugar due to extreme sugar intake via. sodas/sweets and etc.

    Olive oil contains omega 3 and omega 6 but not enough omega 3 to keep a balance so it will cause breakouts.

    Try it, we speak about hardcore acne here not about a few zits.

    And people know that.

    @ hopemore : not one single food listed there causes acne, but aggravates it.

  5. This is so wrong.

    Honey is a big no-no for CYSTS ! super sugar stuff

    Chocolate will cause breakouts.

    Fruit can cause severe breakouts for some people.

    Nuts / seeds cause breakouts

    The right 'smoothie' is cucumber juice mixed with some other green vegetables. NOTHING MORE , this will help you... not break out your skin like hell.

    My story here, read it :

  6. It`s the DHA that is being released in your body when you have sex / masturbate.

    You don`t loose zinc. LOL. There are a few hormones that cause these breakouts, DHA is the main factor.

    Ejaculation / FOOD/ Stress does not cause acne. They aggravate it for some people, that already have the ACNE gene.

    Here is my theory on the acne gene, take some time and read it :

  7. Here it goes,

    My nightmare (acne) started when I was 12 years old. As a male, you would say, pretty much normal to have a few pimples at that age, not. At 13 I was full face covered with red and white pimples, oily skin and severe depression.

    Years passed, I knew nothing about acne, not even my fam. and I had no internet to google about it. Started seeing doctors, tons of antibiotics were prescribed, took tons of doxicicline while eating tons of chocolate (funny, the doctors dont give a crap about diet and never said anything about diet)

    Nothing seemed to work, at 16 my pimples were developing into deep cysts (1-2 cm.) that caused many scars, I was looking like a monster, my back was also full of them, been taking doxicicline for years until my liver was full of poison. My floral bacteria from stomatch was killed by antibiotics so much that I developed candida. It was awful.

    Doctors did not care about it, more antibiotics; they even said I should use roaccutane because it will work for sure. Thank god I did not. We were pretty informed about it in my country

    So I said to myself, I must stop antibiotics, already tried everything possible (creams, etc) and nothing seemed to work.

    I was 19 when I decided to go on a journey of my own, a research to find the root cause of acne and heal myself.

    It turned out that the medical industry is wrong (most of it) and no one wants to admit that what we eat is what we get; they want money, they want their old crappy medications being sold and imagine food industry dropping billions of dollars because people would finally understand that some foods are POISON.

    Yes, this was the first hint... I understood how poison works and how we eat poison. Maybe for some, same food won`t cause acne, or even other problems but deep inside their bodies something is surely affected.

    We are not all the same, we have dif. genetics, some of us have acne, some don`t. Some of us have parents with acne, some don`t.

    I believe that acne is a modern society caused illness. The main factors are :

    1. Food 2. Pollution 3. Stress

    Let`s talk about 1. FOOD

    I believe that the 'gene' of acne might be a gene that we get from our parents or one parent, that has the gene from someone and so on. How was this gene created/altered ? Well ?

    A simple bottle of diet coke (1l) contains 1 glass (15cm) of sugar. Do you know what that means ? sugar is poison. Pure Poison.

    Now imagine a guy drinking so much poison daily, so much sugar that does so much damage to your body that you can`t even imagine. A healthy guy with no 'acne' gene that drinks cola, eats from fast-food, smokes, etc. will develop that gene.

    His DNA will be infected forever and guess what ? maybe he will never get acne but his innocent child will be born with that gene that is allergic to all that crap.

    That guy buys to his child a few colas and ice-cream and after that bang ! acne kicks in at 11-12-13. That kid will be acne-ic and unable to eat so many things without his face / body getting full of ugly looking pimples, scars, red spots, dark spots, etc.

    This is my theory on acne. Maybe some people don`t get it, but we will have to look at the next generations, they might be all acne sufferers. Have my word.

    If my theory is true, this is the main reason why so many of us are being born with this acne gene that gets activated when we hit puberty, when we finally react to specific triggers. I think we are already allergic to so much stuff when we are born, because no one knew what diet coke and a bunch of jelly beans might cause... years ago.

    We need to understand that human is not designed to eat sweets, soda, fast-food, etc. and everything that contains too much of one ingredient, even in small forms. I don`t even want to think what artificial ingredients do.

    Imagine the aspartame, sulphuric acid, etc. etc. we get in our bodies daily from stuff as Coke, Nestea, Milky this, milky that. You name it.

    So, this is my personal research. I don`t want you to believe that this is the truth, no. It is my research over all this hard acne years. Remember, I am now 30 and 95% acne free.

    That 5% remains because sometimes I eat what I should not. But I can be 100% free if I want it. My research might not work for you, each body / dna is different. Remember ? good.

    1. FOOD

    What causes acne and you should avoid it, forever :

    1. MILK (I do not believe that animal milk is good for humans)

    2. Dairy (everything)

    3. Soy

    4. Seeds / nuts (everything)

    5. Tomatoes

    6. Ketchup / Mustard / Chilli (stuff like that)

    7. SUGAR (any type of sugar) your body is allergic to that, remember ?

    8. FRUITS (they contain sugar in dif amounts) and everything that is made of fruits

    9. Caffeine / chocolate

    10. Oils (everything , sun flower , olive , palm , soy , etc)

    11. Olives

    12. Mushrooms

    Now that was the most important list, there are a few foods that can cause acne (but less acne)

    1. Breads

    2. Salt

    3. Meat ( not chicken and some types of fish )

    4. Pasta

    5. Broccoli

    6. Cacao pure dark

    Now, you would say... what can you eat ?

    There are tons of vegetables that you can mix with

    1. Sweet potatoes

    2. Brown rice

    3. Chicken breast ( without hormones )

    4. Some types of fish ( still on research about what types )

    5. You can eat small amounts of the foods that cause (less acne) without getting real acne

    6. etc

    7. Normal beer ( not dark or flavoured ) might even help acne, for me it works

    Remember, this is my personal list and some of those above might affect you ... but the possibility is very low, I have researched a lot, A VERY LOT.

    2. Liquids

    Now we need to get water, remember :

    Drink 3 l of water daily, no mater what, make sure you drink at least 1 glass of water right after you wake up and don`t eat anything for 1 hour. This will help your body get full detox !

    By all means never drink any type of soda, they are all POISON.

    Stay out of coffee / too much tea. Yes, tea can cause acne also, it contains something similar to caffeine.

    So only water my friends, water is the key to acne free life !

    Besides that you have to make a smoothie (or however you call it) from cucumbers without skin. Drink 1l of this at least twice a week and it will help a lot because cucumber juice will detox your body a lot.

    Never eat too much, if you do that you will get acne, try to eat more meals in smaller quantities.

    Also, don`t eat right before you sleep. Give your body some time to digest and relax before sleeping.


    This is another key factor for acne free life. Not well digesting = acne

    I`m still researching about this one but it seems that for some people, taking 1 probiotic supplement + one fiber supplement might help the digestion, for some it causes even more acne. That`s why I won`t tell you what type of probiotic / fiber you should use. But if you want, give it a try... and post here about your personal experience. I will try soon bifidobacterium longum and bifidobacterium bifidum without cellulose / dairy in it. As for fibers... don`t know yet.

    If you don`t want to risk that, just search for some local herbs in your area that can help digestion, even a colon cleanse is good at times. ( traditional chinese market is very good for herbs )

    4. Supplements

    Now, this is also tricky. I am still doing my research and it`s very hard to understand how it does work.

    Some vitamins from the market tend to help people with acne while the same vitamins might cause severe breakouts. I believe that not all vitamins are the same (even the same vit C might not be the same vit C from other market), i know it sounds weird. Also, tons of vitamins contain tons of other stuff in them that might cause acne ! That`s why... I cannot recommend any vitamin supplement.

    But of course, there are a few known to help :

    1. Vitamin d2

    2. Zinc

    3. Vitamin B5

    4. Vitamin E (not oil form)

    And some vitamins might cause breakouts in any form :

    b12 / b6.

    I took them all, some helped, some did not help, some made my acne worse. If you guys have dif. experiences please post them here so we would understand what brands are acne-free (if there are such)


    The omega 3 - 6 - 9 secret. Still researching on this one also, it is very interesting and it might be the supreme acne secret.

    We all know about our bodies having omega 3 6 9 'receptors' and what we usually get to eat contains almost no Omega 3 oils, that`s why we are constantly in unbalance with the omegas.

    Options :

    1. Fish oil

    2. Flax seeds

    3. Chia seeds

    For some unknown reason fish oil pills worked for me 2 years then they did not work anymore and then they caused breakouts. This might be due to fish toxicity (mercury, other stuff in the sea) or even omega unbalance. I don`t have a clue.

    Flax seeds seem to work a little, but also they stopped working for no reason.

    The chia seeds break me out.

    Give it a test, you might find your right omega 3 source and it might help you, or not. It`s risky, but it does worth it.

    I will study more about the omega complex and will post if I find out.

    Back ACNE

    You can cure back acne in a few months by rubbing all your back / chest with STRONG vinegar, when I say strong I don`t say apple vinegar, search for some 6% or more stuff. Doing this daily before you sleep and leaving it there until morning will clear back acne totally. Do it each night. It works miracles smile.png

    Creams / solutions

    Zineryt worked the best for my face and I still use it (10 years)

    It takes time to work but for me it works, I use it one time/day after I wash my face and before I go to sleep


    I drink ultra strong vinegar (2 spoons) twice a week. It helps with acne for some people, for some people it does not. I wonder why, must be some allergy. For me it worked a lot.

    I sometimes eat ginger, it helps.

    Garlic helps also

    Bladderwrack helps a lot


    First, never shave with hot water. Use super cold water.

    Second, you don`t need to after-shave your face. Just your neck. I only use pure alcohol (medicinal) to after-shave my neck, because most after shaves contain perfumes and other stuff that can cause breakouts. Search for some medicinal alcohol and be a strong man.


    Watch out of what meds you get, paracetamol can cause severe acne and many many other meds.

    Pseudo-ephedrine does the same (ephedrine)

    Tobacco, if you are a smoker... and have acne, stop smoking or have acne. Tobacco is super poison


    Wash your face only with cold water. As for your body avoid hot water, it will open your pores > more acne. Don`t rub your face with a towel after washing, leave it like that so it gets dry in a natural way. Wash only twice a day (morning and night) and don`t use too much soap. I use protex herbal but it depends of your ph. / skin what soap you should use, so search about it

    I wrote this because I care about people... and I know how hard it is to live with acne, I have been there and it was hell.

    But now I am cured forever and with a strict diet and a few things, life can be more... healthy.

    Give it a try, tell me if it works. If it does, I am glad to know... spread the word and tell to everyone that needs this. If not, sorry, I gave my best.

    Cheers and beers !

  8. Interesting.

    Let us work together in a [detective way] and find out why probiotics / fiber / zinc seem to cure that guy and cause for some even worse problems.

    I`m gonna tell you guys what I know, so you can figure out something :

    1. Zinc may cause breakouts for some people ( I don`t know why, might be the type of zinc, etc )

    2. Never use probiotics from diary (yoghurt) cause it causes even worse acne

    3. Fiber, I would not take the fiber with omegas. (some people have different omega 3 / 6 balances inside their bodies and maybe for some that have unbalances might help but for some even cause more unbalance)

    I will try probiotics + fiber for a while, btw. that doesn`t mean I will start working out / sweating/ eating crappy food and say that it doesn`t work. it doesn`t work that way.

    Just a hint, these cause breakout for me and many people also :

    1. Fruits (any type)

    2. Yogurt

    3. Omegas ( you must find the right one to balance your omega 3 6 9 system )

    4. Some vitamins (b6/b12, zinc / vitamin d / vitamin e known to cure acne might cause breakouts : zinc < i dont know why , vitamin d2 / d3 < dont know either , vitamin e < the oil form capsule contains sunflower oil ! lol )

  9. I`d suggest you to take also veg juice among that, water fast + cucumber juice (avoid tomatoes and carrots) and vitamin c + d

    it should be good for 3 days, dont get longer... than start eating but in small quantities until the body gets used to food again, first day a little, second day more, third day normal.