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  1. Interesting point of view. So where do you think these 'error' genes start ? I`d say the modern society pollution-food-cortisol combo can alter healthy genes and we can pass them to our children.. could that be possible ? but there are countries acne free like those jungle tribes, isn`t it because of pollution-food-cortisol combo is missing there ?
  2. Hey @ calluma , how you explain that some people have acne and some don`t ? there are people who live horror life styles and never get one pimple. why ? maybe u know better, but yeah i wanna find out about the genes
  3. Severe. Check my story, if you have will, you might get clean in a few weeks.
  4. Try some diet wisdom, it might work better than accutane
  5. Interesting story, check mine here. Acne is diet-related, not caused by diet but aggravated... because sadly, those with the acne gene are extremely allergic to TONS of foods... that are poison. Pure poison.
  6. I think your theory is bs. lol. Hormonal imbalance by leaving your semen on your penis ? lol. I believe sex / masturbation causes natural raise of DHA in your bloodstream so that causes acne, also more testosterone... acne. Check my personal story : choco indeed is a bad no-no for acne... and sugar, that is the most evil of them all.
  7. Acne is internal, not external... you can`t just make them disappear that easy. But you can try lots of stuff , check my personal story :
  8. Yep, it comes back. You are a afraid ? lol. It`s better to be on roaccutane and end up in a mental hospital or with your liver destroyed ? no. I use zynerit since ages, one time per day after I wash my face clean with super cold water. It works wonders, but if you stop it, acne might come back. Remember, acne is internal not external. Read my full story here :
  9. Umm, I don`t think so... it helps me on my neck, I don`t use after-shave on my face... but any other type of after shave def causes more acne... tried that
  10. hm, check my story. It seems to me, your acne is diet-related. you eat yoghurt, bannana, bacon, etc. all these foods can cause / aggravate acne a lot
  11. Interesting indeed, glad to know that your acne is less severe, here is my story
  12. small update : I get very good results with VITAMIN A and VITAMIN C daily (pure form , no other stuff added in the medicine) Will keep you updated with this
  13. First, never shave with hot water. Use super cold water. Second, you don`t need to after-shave your face. Just your neck. I only use pure alcohol (medicinal) to after-shave my neck, because most after shaves contain perfumes and other stuff that can cause breakouts. Search for some medicinal alcohol and be a strong man. It should improve in days. My story here :