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  1. I was on 0.0.25% for 3.5 months, and just upped it to .05%. My IB is *just* starting to go away. I'm also left with a lot of red and purple scarring, and the retinoids WILL help that fade as well - but it takes time. I had cysts come to the surface that were so miserable it felt like my skin was made of solid rock in a few areas. It is all part of the process. Now, my skin is mostly smooth texture and I am reaching the end (I think) of all the massive purging. My purge was huge, though. It felt
  2. A year for best results from a retinoid is not uncommon, and seems to be the standard. I was told not to judge results until 6-12 months on retinoids. It's brutal, and it's WAY worse than my acne was before treatment - I look at it sometimes and think, "what was I thinking.. I looked FINE before", even though I know I didn't. I'm at the 4 month mark, and it's just now to the point where I have very few active breakouts. I have a ton of scarring though, and around the 6 week mark I had a group of
  3. I was recently started on minocycline for a 4-month course of treatment for hormonal cystic acne. It has definitely reduced inflammation.
  4. So, I've been using the Benzaclin/Retin-A combo since June 1, and added the Minocycline on Aug 22. Here's what I've seen: I had a HORRIBLE initial breakout on the Retin-A 0.025%. It lasted for months, and it was deep, painful cystic breakouts that never seemed to stop. My acne is entirely concentrated on my cheeks and jawline. That area is now miserably scarred with redness from the IB... so much worse than before treatment, but I'm told Retin-A will help the scar tissue over a year or so. The
  5. Boscia's Daily Defense SPF 50/PA+++ has been wonderful. It does have zinc oxide/titanium dioxide, so if you're a medium to dark skin tone, it can leave a grey cast. For lighter skin tones, though, it's fine. Also, Dr. Jart+ Black Label Detox BB cream is wonderful - it is a medium coverage tinted moisturizer/BB cream and has an SPF as well. I use it sometimes as my only cover up, and sometimes I use it as a primer for other makeup.
  6. I did a blend of 2 oz rose hip seed oil, 30 drops lavender essential oil, and 30 drops rosemary oil. It's incredibly gentle and it smells lovely. The rose hip seed oil has a high concentration of vitamin A, which is the active ingredient in retinoids. This is a much gentler version of the same benefit of faster cell turnover. Rose hip seed oil works wonders on scars as well.
  7. So, I am not sure if this should be posted in the prescription section or the OTC section, and forgive me if this is incorrect. I'm considering purchasing an OTC blue-light therapy device to help with my acne. I have heard some people say it doesn't help at all with cystic acne, and others say it's a miracle product. I was wondering if anyone had used a device or spa therapy like this while also using medications for acne. Currently I'm using: Philosophy Purity Made Simple cleanser
  8. Day 77, and my acne is worse than ever....

    1. Missalexcee


      I know how you feel.. Don't give up..

  9. I've been on Retin-A since May 31. I am absolutely NO better - in fact I'm exponentially worse than I was two-and-a-half months ago. My face is still developing painful cysts. I had to stop using Cetaphil because it was *too* drying. I'm using my old cleanser - Purity Made Simple by Philosophy - and moisturizing with a custom blend of organic rose hips oil, lavender oil, and rosemary oil. I'm using Boscia's daily defense SPF 50 sunscreen when outside. Any idea when this miserable, painful per
  10. Hi So, I had clear skin since I was about 22 until three months ago (so about 5 years). For whatever reason, 3 months ago, my skin went haywire and I've had HORRIBLE acne on my jaw and the hollows of my cheeks ever since. I suspect it has something to do with the fact that: a) I went vegan around that time, eliminating the synthetic hormones in most meat and dairy products, which may have thrown my androgen balance off. b) went through brand training with Sephora which was 2 weeks of pu