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    Psychology (Evolutionary and Social are my personal favorites, but I'm going into Clinical), Music (A Big Rock Fan), Shopping/Fashion/Makeup (I'm your typical Female), Movies (Not into the big blockbusters though, I like the small more independent films most of the time), and Natural Health (I really want to be as healthy as I can be).

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  1. It makes my neck break out...I probably have an allergy to them even though it was not detected on an allergy test.
  2. I really like Joppa Minerals and I've never had a problem with getting my order like some individuals. It appears that they are a better company now than a few years ago.
  3. Actually the whole wedding thing hasn't been stressful at all. I would say that 98% of my stress comes from being in a difficult graduate program. It is very hard to find time to work out and eat healthy when you eat, sleep, and sh** clinical psychology. I have a very odd schedule that has messed up both my eating and sleeping habits. I know that things will be so much better when I have a 9 to 5 job, but I still feel that I do the best I can with my current situation. My biggest issue is all th
  4. Thank you so much for your advice! I should have probably been more clear with my situation and issues with food. I normally breakout when I eat foods that spike my blood sugar levels (high glycemic index foods), but I've had blood work done and I'm not diabetic. The more sugar in the food, the worse my breakout. I normally can fight off junk food (candy, cakes, cookies, soda, etc), but I even break out when I eat fruit or certain grains (pasta, dinner rolls, etc). When I first started working o
  5. I really really really want clear skin for my wedding day, and I'm willing to try almost anything to be clear on a normal basis. By changing my diet over the past year or so my skin went from moderate to mild, so I know that there is something wrong with me internally. Nothing that I ever tried externally ever helped that much, and if it did, it only worked a few weeks and my skin went back to its previous condition. For me to be clear I know I would have to follow a radical diet and that would
  6. Your mother sounds a lot like mine. My mother used to be very thin when she was my age and then gained weight due to the "change of life." I'm thin and I think that it makes her jealous on some unconscious level. My mother doesn't say things to me about my weight...she is much more passive aggressive. She cooks unhealthy things that she knows that I like and will break down and eat. She loves sweets, so my house is like a bakery most of the time. What is so crazy is that she can see what certain
  7. I think that this is a very interesting topic. I tend to eat the same foods over time and break out in the same areas over and over (lower jawline and chin). What is strange is that when I eat things that I normally do not eat, I will break out in different places (forehead, nose, so on). I think there's something to this, but it seems like it could be different for every person. I'm so happy that acne is so confusing.
  8. I was a vegetarian for around six years and my acne increased in severity over that time. I can honestly say that I did not eat the right foods during that time. I basically replaced meat with more "junk" foods. I do not think that I've fully recovered from years of eating bad foods. I know that including meats into my diet and staying away from high carb/sugar foods has helped my skin so much.
  9. I love joppa so much! I've never had a problem with receiving my orders from them, and I've been ordering from them over a year. This brand of mineral makeup has really good coverage and they give you a lot of mineral for your money. They don't have a lot of foundation color choices (even though they've added more) when compared to other companies though. I love their full coverage foundation, blush, and finishing silk (sheer).
  10. BedHead "Masterpiece" is the best hairspray I've ever used. I also really like their Brunette Goddess line...all their stuff smells really good.
  11. hey there, happy bday!!!! :)

  12. I love them! I've noticed the older I get, the bigger my purses get...I'm turning into my mother!
  13. I don't really remember the foundations I used when I was really young, but I used Clinique Stay-True for around seven years! Now I'm using Joppa Mineral makeup and I love it. I'm really faithful to my makeup if it's working for me.