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  1. Hi, Aleigh Have you tried the regimen at all? It could really help you. I had terrible acne. The regimen is the only thing that has worked for me. Couldn't hurt to try. :) good luck.
  2. wHi, Aleigh. Are you sure that isn't a cold sore?
  3. Hi, Indiana Mom. I am in my 40s with both adult onset acne and also rosacea. Before starting the regimen, I saw 3 different dermatologists in 6 months. I tried everything: retin a, antibiotics, rosac wash, hydrocortisone, topical betamethasone, finacea, aczone, and.....you name it! I also spent thousands of dollars trying to clear up my face. I started the regimen in June 2013, and my skin got worse for the first 2-3 weeks. I literally did not want to leave the house. But, after following the
  4. Hi. They look like sebaceous hyperplasia. Go see your MD. If they are SH, they can be removed with an electrocautery unit. Not too painful.
  5. Hi, EyeReckon. Have you tried Cetaphil? The one without SPF is pretty good. The Acne. Org moisturizer is amazing. Good luck!
  6. Hi, Bizz If you have seen a healthcare provider and everything has checked out, you may want to try Nioxin ir Keranique. I don't recommend going straight to Rogaine because it is not a permanent fix and has some side effects. I did have some noticeable hair thinning over the past couple of years. In addition to taking Viviscal and Nicomide, I alternate between these two products and they seem to have worked for me. Also: the more you wash your hair, the oilier it gets. Try every couple of da
  7. Yes, I do see that you have less cystic acne and less redness, so good job. What are you doing to manage your skin?
  8. Keep with the regimen! It works! I started in June. My skin isn't perfect, but it has NEVER looked this good. It wasn't an immediate fix. It took awhile, about 3 months for the real change and I did get pretty frustrated, but stuck with it. I hope it works as well for you. Good luck!
  9. Hi, aamoo. You can buy them from amazon or the acne.org store.
  10. Do either of you wear bangs? I did have some forehead breakouts when I wore them. Also, what hair products do you use? Some of those used to beak me out as well.
  11. Hi, looks like it could be sebaceous hyperplasia. I have a few but manage to minimize their appearance with the regimen and AHA. The only way to really get rid of them is for the derm to use electrocautery on them. Even then, they sometimes come back. Hope this is helpful.
  12. I was really red and dry for the first couple of weeks. Try a good moisturizer like cetaphil dry skin lotion, or the acne.org moisturizer. Add a few drops of jojoba oil to either of those. Apply frequently throughout the day. Also, dont wash your face for too long and dont use hot water. This is what helped me. Hope this helps. Good luck.
  13. Probiotics maintain healthy gut flora and enhance immune function. Nicomide contains zinc, niacin, folate and copper. These nutrients redice inflammation, help repair skin and may be lacking in some people with acne.
  14. Oh, no. This sounds like a nightmare. Have you tried Dan's products at all? Maybe you just need to change up the products?