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  1. JangS

    Need Help Red Mark!

    Thank nicmic62 for replying. Have ever tried TCA peel, retinoid, etc for peeling the red mark? Should I stick with only acne.org product? Is it enogh? I have more question about makeup on flaky skin. I put bb cream that have spf on. My face looks awful. I try not put makeup on but my wedding is coming up. I need to makeup. I am afraid it will look very bad. Do you now how to makeup with flaky skin? Please tell me Thank you
  2. JangS

    Need Help Red Mark!

    THank you nicmic62 .So after I wash my face with cleanser then spot treat with AHA right? But I am confused your schedule use after you put BP on your face.Please tell me again. Thank you
  3. Hi I am J. I have been using the regimen from Acne. org product for 6 weeks. It went well . My face got clear about 85% from acne. Still has a bit break out. But I have red mark or dark spot after acne is gone. I started using AHA after a month on the regimen. My skin is flaky and itchy so much. After some acne was gone. They lefy red mark on my face. So it looks like I still have acne:(. Does anyone know faster way to get rid of the red mark? Could you tell me the product and how to use with th