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  1. Hi.. Just wanted to say good luck with your course.. I'm on about the same time as you an things are goin fine so far so fingers crossed we will both be sorted soon
  2. Hey just wanted to say good luck on your course I'm about 2 weeks in let's hope it goes super quick
  3. I'm on about day 14 an I've been having a horrible breakout recently. Kind of makes you think is it worth but bit having clear skin definitely would be worth it.. Guess wev all just got to Hang in there "/
  4. Ahh yeah thanks for the info will try those things.. I'm on day 11 an I'm having the worst breakout of my life!! Not good feel so horrible it's ridiculous
  5. Thank you for bein so helpful I will try them things .. Are u on istrogen ?
  6. Thanks for the reply.. I'm from the uk is it available here?
  7. Hi all.. Basically I've been prescribed 30mg a day on istrogen or wateva it's called lol I'm on day 7 an I hate it already haha.. I'm not having many side affects so far in all honesty but know they will come.. I can feel my lips are gonna take a beating very soon lol so was wondering what lip balms or whatever people would suggest to me which would be best to use Also I've been using the moistureiser that the hospital prescribed me I think it's called hydrosone or Sumat like that but I have a
  8. Oh that's alright then thanks for your reply
  9. Hi all.. Went for my first blood test yesterday to go on roaccutane and basically I ate about 45 minutes before the test because I didn't realise I cudnt.. I'm starting to worry now that my cholesterol or Sumat may be to high an be refused to go on roaccutane .. Just wondering if any1 can shed any light on my situation?.. Like shall I ring the hospital an try get another blood test done? Thanks
  10. I'm exactly the same I've had acne since I was about 16 and I'm 24 now, I've tried every single thing you can think of to try an rid the horrible things but nothing ever works so I'm goin on accutane in two weeks just because it may be the only way I can actually be happy with the way I look an try to get the confidence that I've lost back.. Life's for living so why worry about a few side affects when potentially accutane could be the best thing that's happend to me/us
  11. Ahh yeah thank you will look into it
  12. Hi all.. I'm a 24 year old male waiting to go on accutane an I'm just wondering what are the best lotions/creams to use if I get the dry skin which I think I will because I'm quite prone to it. Also if any1 knows what I should expect with the drug to give me the heads up thanks
  13. hi im due to start accutane in two weeks also, its nice to know theres other people out there tbh iv had persistant acne for a few years now so i just fought accutane could be the only thing that could help me so im not even thinking about the side affects at the minute hope it all goes well and the months on accutane fly for you