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  1. This thread hasn't been very active lately, but I noticed something recently with some moisturizers that I tried out lately and I'm wondering if anyone else has noticed this too. So I purchased three moisturizers from the body shoppe a few weeks ago like I mentioned in my last post. Two of them did not contain SPF (Tea Tree Moisturizer and the Seaweed Mattifying Cream Moisturizer- I haven't had the chance to try this one yet though). The one that I bought that had moisturizer was the Seaweed Mat
  2. I think the Mia 2 has multiple speeds. I'm guessing the faster speeds will still be slightly slower than the pro though. I've heard of people using the clarisonic though when they have acne (some actually claim it cleared up their acne). Also I was looking and they make brush heads for acne prone skin. Maybe those people were using it against the manufacturers directions... I'm not sure. Thanks for the info though!
  3. Hello! So I'm sure that this product has been discussed on this forum before. I was wondering though if anyone had any advice on the clarisonic skin tool and whether they think it's a worthwhile product to purchase. I'll give you some details about my skin later because that might help you in giving your advice. The reason I'm wanting to really research this product and get advice on it is because it is quite expensive (I would probably go with the Mia or Mia 2 since those are cheaper). So f
  4. Yeah I'm kind of in agreement with you on this one. Especially since some of the OP's advice is contradictory. Like the part where she says don't assume a higher concentration of an ingredient will be more effective, then in another section she says that any product containing less than 5% tea tree oil will be ineffective... and like someone else pointed out some of her own product recommendations go against her own advice. I was in agreement with some of her advice, but I think for the most par
  5. Question for you- Do you feel like your Clarisonic has helped improve your acne in anyway? I've always been curious about those... I don't think it's decreased my acne much - maybe a bit. I have hormonal breakouts so no matter how clean my skin is, it's gonna break out. But I love my Clarisonic because it fades hyperpigmentation much faster, speeds healing up on popped zits, and keeps my large/oily pores cleaner. I'm probably going to start saving up for one. I've heard too many good things
  6. Joonbug9109

    Week 2!

    So It's been 2 weeks now, so I figured I'd give a quick update. This is going to be quick because I don't have much news at this point. I did have a brief slip up with my skincare, and I had a night where I got lazy and didn't do my whole routine. As a result I got a few extra pimples than I normally do but they were located primarily in the area where I typically break out (mostly chin and jawline). But I'm back at my routine and I haven't had any misteps since. In terms of the acne scarrin
  7. Question for you- Do you feel like your Clarisonic has helped improve your acne in anyway? I've always been curious about those...
  8. Also congrats on find a method that works best for your skin! I'm sure it's a relief not having to explore and try out a myriad of products anymore.
  9. I've tried prescription stuff and BP before and personally I never really had amazing results. I've also, like I mentioned above, have had bouts of really sensitive skin. Also, I wasn't really a fan of how the BP bleached anything that came in contact with my face. I definitely used to have a philosophy like yours, but I personally feel like taking a more gentle approach is better for my skin. Also my acne really isn't very severe (I tried to describe my skin as accurately as possible since
  10. So I'm not sure if it has officially been a week yet, but a few of you have been asking for an update so I will give it to you! I have made some edits to my skincare routine and they are as follows: - I've switched my moisturizer to The Body Shop's Tea Tree Skin Clearing Moisturizer. I am also mixing a drop of lemon oil into the moisturizer prior to applying it to my face. This is to help with oil control and I've also heard it can be effective in fading acne scars potentially? - I'm using
  11. It may be the high school that I went to, but I would say that most likely people won't care. You have to keep in mind that your peers who were picking on you in 4th-6th grade were most likely also in 4th-6th grade and they probably weren't very mature. Going into high school though will be a little bit different. Yeah there is some immaturity still, but I think for the most part people will have grown up enough to know that picking on someone for something like whether or not they have acne is
  12. Well the amount of make up I wear really depends on the occasion... I tend to do the face routine daily and I'll add on other products from there. The face routine seems like a lot, but right now it's working for me to keep my skin from looking super gross with a layer of foundation and oil mixed together over it. Face: Primer- NYX Shine Killer Primer Foundation- Garnier Skin Renew BB cream for Oily/Combo skin (optional) Concealer- The Body Shop Tea Tree Concealer stick (optional) Bronze
  13. If the peel ends up not working for me I'll give the lemon juice a try! I've only been using it for a bout a week or so now so it's too early to tell if it's working or not (packaging said to give it at least four weeks).
  14. Oh I know about the Vitamin C is topicals! I'm using an overnight peel right now that has Vitamin C in it, and while it doesn't prevent breakouts I've noticed it is helping heal the ones I do have faster. It was an unexpected side effect but I'm not going to complain! Also, I tried the water pat tip this morning. I noticed quite a bit of excess moisturizer came off, but it didn't make too much of a difference in the oil level of my skin. I went and bought some lemon oil today so I'll see if that
  15. Hello! So I will be doing an overall skincare update later on this week. But I wanted to share with you guys my thoughts on the BB cream I've been using as well as two other cosmetic products I purchased this weekend. I will warn that I'm definitely still doing a lot of experimenting with these products so I'm not 100% sure if I would recommend them yet, but this is my sort of initial thoughts on the products. I have a feeling this post is going to be incredibly long and detailed, so my apologie