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  1. Well it's been 10 days since my last update. The swelling and brusing is gone and indeed some of the scars have come back as I expected. But good news some of my really shallow rolling scars have all but disappeared!!!!! I mean like 90% improvement!!!!!!!!! It's just unbelievable as I've had these scars for over ten years. The scars that were slightly deeper are still there, but I definately see improvement. I would say the overall effect as of right now is over 50% improvement! I a
  2. bornunderabadsign - I know that the Cross TCA method is an effective means of helping heal icepicks and enlarged pores. I also have some enlarged pores, but they don't bother me as much as my scaring. Do you know of any other ways of reducing pore size? Does an overall TCA peel enlarge pores instead of reducing them? What about glycolic or lactic acid peels? Goodluck to you!
  3. swizzchard and scotty- I am in my late twenties and have probably had the scars for over ten years. I thought that my acne scars on my cheeks were icepicks but Dr Rapaport told me that they were shallow rolling scars with soft edges. I would say that I had around 20-25 scars subcised. I would classify them as mild to moderate. The consultation is free. Subcision alone costs $750. TCA alone costs $750. He also has a special Subcision and TCA package that costs $950. The N-lit
  4. Bulldog, as far as after treatment, I've just been eating well, drinking lots and lots of water, getting tons of sleep and rest, taking lots of vitamin supplements, and keeping my face very clean. The doc's nurse also gave me Arnica Montana, which is an herbal supplement that helps with the bruising and swelling. I take 3 pills 3 times a day.
  5. Hello, It is Sunday Morning and my face is still bruised and a little swollen, though it's looking a little better. I would have to say that although my face is still swollen, my results are about 75% improvement!!! I know that it is only the 3rd day since I've had subcision, and that these results might change once the swelling has subsided. But I have to say that I am so happy that I had this done. And with the N-Lite treatment that I recieved, my results can only get better! I plan
  6. That's so exciting Bulldog! =D> I am also very thankful for this board. I just had Subcision/Nlite done last week as well. My face is still bruised and swollen, but I can definately see great improvement. This is my first subcision, and I will probably need a second one in two months. Is this your first or second subcision?
  7. Well I just came back from getting my N-Lite procedure from Dr Rapaport. I had the subcision done yesterday. So now I am just going to wait, hope for the best, and see what the results are. My face is swollen and a bit bruised. Kinda looks like I've been jumped! But the nurse gave my some meds to help with the swelling and the bruising so hopefully it won't last too long. And hello50 I could indeed feel the N-lite. Very much so, in fact. It was very very warm, even slightly hot and i could
  8. Ours Fan, Boston, and jjp007: Thank you! I'm a little nervous, but very very excited. I will post again here after my procedure.
  9. Hi Boston, See my recent post where I described my consultation experience: http://acne.org/messageboard/viewtopic.php?t=5035 Best of luck and I will keep you updated after my procedure is done.
  10. Kansas, I have just met with Dr. Rapaport recently, and have an appointment with him very soon. Don't cancel now. Be courageous and know that any improvement will make the trip all worth it.
  11. hello50- I just met with Dr Rapaport for a consulation last week, in fact, I just wrote a post on my experience with him. http://acne.org/messageboard/viewtopic.php?t=5035 I have to say that although, he is not the world's friendliest charismatic guy, he is FAR from an idiot. He is an expert in his field, and yes his procedures are costly, but they appear to be highly effective in treating acne scars. I have an appointment later this week, and based on before and after pics that h
  12. Hello, I have been following the posts with great interest for a few weeks. I want to first of all thank everybody for sharing their experiences. Your posts have been very informative and inspirational. Based on information I read here, and some additional research, I decided to go to Dr. Rapaport for a free consultation last week. I have to say I was a bit nervous going to him, after all the stories I had read on this board. But I live in NYC and Dr Rapaport is just across the river, so I fi