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  1. while i was taking accutane my pores were smaller, so i would believe that it would help based on my personal experience. I dont have rosacea so I dont know if the drying effects of accutane would make that condition worse though.
  2. WEll, i took accutane started in Feb 05, and finished august 05. im about 5'6 and 130lb, my dose started at 40 and then moved up to 60 i think? I didnt have really bad skin, but it was oily all the time and it was stubborn and resistant to any other treatments, and i had tried all the antibiotics and bazillion creams and stuff and nothing really worked for me. I had a lot of hormonal breakouts i think. So, after accutane my skin was perfect when i was done, and i never really had any bad side
  3. yeah you should be fine as long as you take your prescription with you.
  4. youre just more sensitive is all. wear sunblock and youre fine.
  5. dont worry mine didnt completely clear up until the end of the 5th month beginnign of the 6th.
  6. my last dermatologist visit for accutane was yesterday! i was so excited to be done with it hahaha. I still have some pills left but she said just to take them until they are gone. BUT my skin is awesome, im so happy with the results, it was worth the 6 months of dry lips and irritability and cracking joints haha. I didnt think I was going to have such good results, because i was still breaking out in the 5th month, but the past month it has been clear every day, and im so so so happy with i
  7. i didnt have to take birth control because i didnt want to~ i told her i would be abstinent and she said ok. probablyl this wont work for a lot of girls, but i have known my derm for like 10 years now and we have a good relationship.
  8. your dosage makes no sense to me at all.
  9. i took ecstasy 2 days ago and i was fine. im on accutane and i knew it wasnt a good idea, but i did it anyways. you can say im stupid or whatever, but you probably do things that would make you stupid to me.
  10. well, nothing is going to make your lips better. theyre going to be constantly chapped unless you have something on them constantly. I used to just use blistex or chapstick night treatment but then my lips started getting super chapped so it didnt work anymore, and i switched to vaseline. that worked the best, even though i had to apply it every hour or so, but as long as i kept it on my lips i was fine. there is nothing that is going to make your lips completely better, you just have to deal
  11. the sun will clear your face up for a while, but when your tan starts fading you break out worse for a while because when you are tanning your skin gets thicker, thats why its darker and it blocks oil and stuff from coming up so when it fades away it all comes out.
  12. i didnt have vision problems really, my eyes were really dry for about the first 3 weeks and that caused some blurriness i guess, and i had minor headaches for a while but as the first month ended they stopped pretty much. I am in the middle of my 6th month and i havent had a headache since my first month that i can remember. So unless it gets really bad i wouldnt worry too much about it! Drink some water and take a nap. haha maybe that will help.
  13. yea i hate the packaging too! i took all mine out of the boxes and put it in a bag, i dont know if it affected it but the pills definately got softer, i dotn know what that means lol. so i just keep it in the package it comes in now.
  14. ive been drinking a ton this past week~ i know im not supposed to drink on accutane but ive drank before and all my bloodwork was fine so i figure it was alright. i dont know if i get drunk faster? because i drank tons of alcohol haha. but i do know that i had massive hangovers every morning. worst of my life.
  15. im not on bp and the past 2 months ive had weird periods~ theyre super super light so i always think i dont have it at all. i am just starting my 6th month of accutane. its probably from accutane, or it could be because i was working out a lot and my diet changed. who knows!