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  1. BeautifulAmbition, Do you know if there is any talk of this Ellanse "E" injection being done soon here in the U.S. ?
  2. Don't ice it down as hermatomas & bruising is good to have as long as possible so the skin stays level when you include the suctioning cup with it.
  3. I could be wrong, But looks like you might have pore scars & a few ice-pick scars.
  4. Dragz (sorry can't remember exact spelling of his name) posted on here about 3+ years ago that he got something like 75% improvement on both cheeks from going to Dr. Rahimi. He did something like 4 Mixto's in one year and also did subcisions. Now he had mostly rolling type scars which is the easiest type to fix among acne scars, And the evidence was there that he got excellent results with plenty of pics in between each visit he saw Rahimi. He also posted his story on real self too
  5. On your smile line on that one deep scar, i would get a subcision done first and then a filler to keep it lifted like Juvederm Voluma which could last you possibly 2 years. Not sure if Micro-needling will work on your ice-picks & if you do decide to go that route, it's going to take many years and patience on your part. You can do Micro-needling at home if you choose that option no need to spend money on a Doctor. I personally think TCA Cross would be best choice on your
  6. Are you planning on using the suction treatment on day 3 for your scars that have been subcise? This should help in keeping the skin level up rather than the deeper scars re-tethering down once the micro-swelling goes down from recovery. also I forgot to add which type of Laser treatment treatment are you having done?
  7. Which Doctor did you go to? Was it Dr. Rappaport? I remember you going to see him for a consultation.
  8. What area do you live at? Are you sure there are no Doctors close to you that do Subcision? With the boxcar scars I would suggest Derma-stamping them (this will take a long time process, but you'll get improvement if you are patient) or have a professional do TCA Cross. Fillers will help level the indentation up making the scar more flatter, but you still have the texture issue from the outside appearance. Dermarolling or dermastamping which you can do at home will give you improvement.
  9. I know one guy who posted here last year, that he went to see Dr.Novick and got 50% improvement. He got mostly Micro-Needling treatments, but can't remember if he had any subcision done. You might want to get a consultation with him also. So how much was Dr. Rappaport going to charge you for Subcision during your consultation?
  10. I'm glad to hear it. By week 3 or 4 when you do post pictures can you give us a percentage overall (more or less) you believe in how much improvement you got? Do you think suctioning made a big difference besides the 2 subcisions?
  11. How many subcisions are you planning on getting? And what does your Doctor think of you suctioning the Scarring 3 days after subcision? Is he aware of other past patients of his doing this procedure on their own? And Isn't it too close in between subcision treatment not giving you enough time to recover (build Collagen in between subcision treatment) from the first one? Or was advice to subcised close together to get best effective results rather than waiting a few Months in betwe
  12. Looking good. Who is your Dermatologist that is doing your Subcision treatments? I take it your having them done in the Bay area where your from?
  13. Thanks Moh.Ali. Some People though have very sensitive skin even with the best hands of a Plastic Surgeon and complications can happen. Just curious who is your Doctor and where are you getting this done at?
  14. Guevara, You can try posting these same pictures you posted on RealSelf and will get many opinions by different dermatologist across the States in what they think would work best for you. Looking at your scaring it looks like scar pores, Ice Picks, & and some box cars. Your scars are not that deep for subcision as it's more for deep rolling scars and box cars, but looking at your profile I personally think it would be a waste of money. I would continue with what your doing in dermar
  15. Maybe I'm wrong on this (Could of swore I read about this many years ago just before Lasers came out for Acne Scars), But isn't Dermabrasion meant only for White/ Light skin People and any person who is dark skin complexion or like myself who is olive skin Hispanic can't get this done since it is extremely risky for Hypopigmentation unlike for Caucasian People. Many Dermatologists back then (this was back in the 1990's) reading from public library it was not recommended if you have tan/Dar